Righteous Fire Templar, the immortal warrior

As the title probably gave away, this is (yet another) righteous fire build.
While the core is pretty similar to what other righteos fire builds look like, there are something that are some significant differences between builds that i have seen.
NOTE: I'm not sure if some parts of this build, like stacking saffell's frame and stone of lazhwar or iron will with righteous fire, will work. The core of this build however should work properly. Personally i don't have the curency to test this properly, information on those matters would be appreciated.

Here is a quick breakdown of this build:

Invulnerable to melee damage
42% spell block chance
90% max resistance
Righteous fire will consume 10% life per second
8.1 to 9.7% health regen
185% Increased life (A LOT of additional health nodes nearby as well)
271 bonus life (From strength, bonus health passives and bandit quest)

This is the passive build:
Core build ~lvl 80
Righteous Templar Build

NOTE: This is a core build. This means i skipped some really obvious (health) nodes. Spend additional talent points on those nodes!

Gem links:
Link 1: Righteous fire - Mana leech, Added fire penetration, Iron will (No mana cost)
Link 2: Firestorm - Reduced mana, Iron will, Concentrated effect, Fire penetration (70 mana cost)
Link 3: Enduring Cry, Enduring Cry - Reduced mana, Increased area of effect (30 mana cost)
Link 4: Immortal Call - Increased Duration, Reduced mana (Immortal call 45 mana cost)
Link 5: Temporal Chains - Increased Duration, Reduced Mana (~75-80 mana)
Link 6: Vitality, purity, Clarity - Reduced mana (~60% mana reserved + clarity)

Flask setup:
Seething Hallowed life flash of Sipping
Saturated Hallowed life flash of Sipping
Saturated Hallowed life flash of Warding
Ruby Flask of Warding (prefix is optional)
Quicksilver Flask of Dousing (prefix is optional)

Pre/suffixes aren't 100% set in stone. The core here is the instant pot for obvious reasons the ruby flask for panic situations where you want to reduce the life leeching effect from righteous fire, 2 warding pots because when you get flammability cursed righteous fire will blow you up and quicksilver with dousing to disable righteous fire and move from point a to point b.
I choose to put dousing on quicksilver because you generally don't need rightious fire active when you try to escape or move form point a to point b.

Required Unique Items:
Saffell's Frame (Shield) - 5% max resistance, 20% spell damage, 110% of block applied to spells, can't block melee attacks
Stone of Lazhwar (Amulet) - 50% of block applied to spells, ~40 max mana, ~12.5% cast speed, intel
Dream Fragments (Ring) - Can't be frozen, 20% max mana, 50% regen, frost resist
Kaom's Sign (Ring) - 1 max Endurance Charge, Health

How the build works:

This build is very defensive. With 8 charges and increased duration immortal call, which gives invulnerability vs physical damage, lasts for 14 seconds. With a max resistance cap of 90% elemental damage the amount of elemental damage you take is also really small. The elemental damage you take is 2.5 times less compared to the 75% cap! To top this all off you have 42% chance to block spells as well. The shield has a base block chance of 26%, with the effects of stone of lazhwar and saffel's frame combined you have 160% of block chance as spell block, which is 42%. To top it all of you can use Temporal Chains to reduce the incomming damage, or to make kiting/escaping easier.

With 90% fire resistance righteous fire deals 10% max health of damage to you. This is mostly countered by a massive amount of life regen, ranging from 8.1% to 9.7%. You gain 6.2% life regen from passives, 1.9% from vitality, and when you have 8 endurance charges you gain another 1.6% life regen. The amount of regen from endurance charges will jump up and down as you cast immortal call.

Your main damage source will be righteous fire obviously, but for some additional damage firestorm is used. With the gem links and righteous fire acctive firestorm should deal a massive amount of damage.

A major issue for this build is mana. To make this build work you need a lot of mana to support your aura's (purity, vitality and clarity) as well as have a decent manabuffer (100 at the very minimum) and at the same time have good mana regen because mana pots isn't really an option. The unique items required for this build should help out, but you need some mana/mana regen on gear as well to fix the mana issue. The mana required will be around 800-ish
IGN: @Meraxium | @Meraxihs
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Updated main post
IGN: @Meraxium | @Meraxihs
New to building tanks.

what are the obvious health nodes to get ? Hope i can get a full skill tree if possible thanks!
I have no idea if it works but sounds interesting.

Can you update your skilltree? Seems i dont get it displayed right.

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