IllustriousDjinni's Elemental Spectral Throw Ranger Hardcore Viable Build (Buzzsaw) 2.0 patch!


Passive Skill Tree

NOTE: Numbers are not yet updated for patch 2.0

Due to the Aura changes you can no longer run the same as patch 1.3
I now recommend running Wrath, Anger and Herald of Ice.
You should also now run Blood Rage for frenzy charge gain.
With the changes to weapons you should now use an Imperial Claw instead of a Fancy Foil as they now have the same attack speed but the Claw has life gained per hit. You will also want to prioritize flat Elemental Damage more on weapons due to the loss of an aura, making attack speed a little less valuable than before and flat damage more.

Hi, IllustriousDjinni here and welcome to my Elemental Spectral Throw Ranger. I have played Path of Exile since just before the end of open beta. My current IGN on the Bloodlines league is Dzoubt so feel free to whisper me, send a message on the forum or comment on this post with any questions.

This is my adaptation of the elemental buzz-saw for the new Bloodlines league updated from my build for the Beyond league. The build has extremely fast clear speed and has fairly good survive-ability making it perfectly viable in a hardcore league. This build is based of one Mathil created which can be found Here.It is fairly cheap to gear however currency can help to greatly increase dps and survive-ability. This build is also Immune to reflect. It focuses on fast movement and attack speed to clear areas quickly and dodge attacks. These traits make it a very enjoyable and rewarding build to play and while beginners can do very well on it more experienced players can truly flourish with it.

More Auras than 1.2!

You may also wish to check out my other ranger build guide IllustriousDjinni's RoA IR Ranger Hardcore Viable Build (Beginner Friendly) 1.3 patch

Video coming soon (Not as soon as I was hoping, graphics driver is having problems)

Completing soon

          Defensive overview          


This build has to pick up a decent amount of life as although you will evade or many attacks some will still get through and so you need a good life pool to survive these.

          Keeping your distance and killing fast         

Dead things can't hurt you.

          Life leech sustain and Regeneration          

The life leech gem helps to heal a lot of damage due to this builds very high dps. Unfortunately life leech on gear mostly doesn't apply to elemental damage so it has to come from the gem. Vaal Pact should you chose to use it will make this leech apply instantly which can be very strong but you will lose regeneration.

          Cast when damage taken setup          

This build uses a cast when damage taken to help deal with hard hitting physical damage due to the lack of armor on this build.


This build no longer gets acrobatics in the 1.3 tree compared to the 1.2 tree. It doesn't get a 40% chance to dodge attacks and a 30% chance to dodge spells. However is still gets Ondar's Guile which combines well with your chance to evade attacks to dodge projectiles.


The use of Whirling Blades as a mobility skill allows you to zoom around areas and so many mobs will have a very hard time catching you. With fast reflexes you can also use it to escape so aoe spells and projectile attacks.

          Reflex immune          

This build can essentially gain immunity from reflect through the use of Vaal Pact if required. This means that life leeched from Spectral Throw applies instantly. The build can do fine without using Vaal Pact although the player must then be a bit more cautious and potion if required.

No longer the case! This build manages to become all but immune to reflect through the use of Ondar's guile. This doubles the chance to evade projectile attacks making it easy to reach the cap of 95%. As Spectral Throw is a projectile you will evaded 95% of reflect and then you could just miss yourself. Even if you do get hit assuming you have capped resists this damage will be almost completely mitigated by your elemental resistances.

          Offensive overview          

          High elemental damage          

This build gets quite a high amount of Elemental damage. This damage comes from the use of auras and elemental damage combined with a very fast attack speed to deal a lot of hits quickly making use of the flat damage from auras extremely well.

          Extremely Fast attack speed          

This build gets extremely fast attack speed due to all the nodes on the passive tree and using a weapon with at least 2 attacks per second base.


          Main attack          

-Spectral Throw
-Lesser Multiple Projectiles
-Blood Magic
-Weapon Elemental Damage
-Life Leech
-Faster Attacks
This doubles as both your area of effect attack and single target attack as it is all you need. The high attack speed applies all your elemental damage very quickly and a lot of times to the enemies.


-Herald of Ice
-Reduced Mana
-Herald of Thunder

-Purity of...
-Reduced Mana

-Purity of Lightning
-Purity of Fire
-Purity of Ice
-Reduced Mana

You should socket the first 4 gems in an Alpha's Howl when it becomes available as the +2 to auras will give you a good damage boost. I would say that Alpha's Howl is essential for this build as without the reduced mana you cant run all the auras stated and they will be two levels lower so do less damage. This +2 does not apply to Herald of Thunder or Ice so you may prefer to run Haste )or Grace if you want) in the 4th spot instead of both Heralds . I then run Herald of Thunder in a separate item linked to it's own Reduced Mana along with Elemental Weakness and Curse on Hit. This Curses targets without making you have to do it yourself allowing for faster clear speed. I have the 3 purity auras Haste and Grace socketed in an offhand weapon too so they are constantly getting experience and so that I can swap them out should I want to use them. The increased max resistance to the relevant element from Purity auras is very nice and reduces the damage taken by a surprising amount.

With Just the ranger aura nodes and an Alpha's Howl the build can run all 4 damage auras or swap out the two heralds for haste for more attack speed. After collecting the Templar Aura cluster and additional purity can be run if using both Heralds or you can use 1 Herald and Haste. Use Whatever Aura set up you prefer.

You could at some point have an unfortunate amount of mana so that you are only 1 or 2 short of being able to. For Example if you have 100 mana with the heralds cost 15% each and aura's costing 35% each you can run them all. However if you have 99 mana it will round the amount of mana used to the closest amount so the Heralds will still need 15 each and the auras 35 so you will be unable to.

I put the curse on hit setup in my gloves linked to Herald of Thunder, reduced mana, and Elemental weakness. Then in the Alphas I have Wrath, Anger, Herald of Ice and Reduced Mana. To run the purity you have to put it in the shield with Reduced Mana so you will be unable to keep the culling set up. This isn't a big issue as the Culling set up isn't that important.

          Defensive set up          

-Cast When Damage Taken, Level 7
-Immortal Call, Level 8
-Enduring Cry, Level 9
-Increased Duration, Highest level possible

This is one of the most important defensive skills for an evasion dodge based character. This is because it will go off after taking large hits like a Rhoa charge preventing death from subsequent charges. Being a pure evasion dodge character means that we will have little to no armor to mitigate physical damage. Although we will evade or dodge many attacks some will always get through and so this is vital as Immortal call will make you immune to physical damage for a short duration. This is also vital as there are a few skills in Path of Exile that cannot be evaded yet do physical damage. One example of this is Ethereal Knives, which is a physical damage spell. Evasion only helps you evade attacks,not spells and so other than our 30% chance to dodge spells due to Phase Acrobatics Immortal Call is one of the only things that will help you survive it.

          Utility skills          

-Whirling Blades
-Faster Attacks
-Blood Magic

-Freezing Pulse, Level 1
-Culling Strike
-Increased Item rarity

-Elemental Weakness

-Decoy Totem

I have Whirling Blades and it's supports socketed in my one handed weapon. This is used as a mobility skill to help you zoom around any map. I then happened to have 4 mana left after all my aura reservations and so a level 1 Freeze Pulse is one of the few skills that I could run off this amount of mana. This is used to cull bosses and rare mobs to give a boost in the rarity of items dropped. For my curse I use Elemental Weakness linked to curse on hit and Herald of Thunder so it requires no effort to use. Elemental Weakness greatly increases the amount of damage you do due this being an entirely elemental damage build. The reason most of my skills are linked to Blood Magic is that the auras used in this build will reserve almost 100% of your available mana pool. I uses Decoy totem in just a stand alone socket as My chest is not 6 linked yet. Alternatively you could use an unset ring. One thing to note with this is that you will have to adjust your running auras to give enough mana for this.


Normal - Oak. +40 life
Cruel - Kraityn. +8% increased attack speed.
Merciless - Passive skill point.

I still feel that the life from Oak is very nice and a good choice to help give a larger life pool. The attack speed from Kraityn is a must as this build scales extremely well with attack speed while dealing negligible amounts of physical damage nor casting spells. The passive point helps to progress with the build quicker and this build barely uses and kind of charge.


Life and resistances are good to have on any gear. Attack speed and weapon elemental damage give a nice amount of extra damage. Increased item rarity on gear is nice too.
          One-handed Sword          

For the Sword I recommend anything with a high attack speed as well as a good amount of flat damage of as many elements as possible. Increased weapon elemental damage and accuracy are also good on it with projectile speed being helpful too.


High life and resistance rolls are good on a shield. Additionally extra block chance and evasion are nice.


The chest can be either evasion or armor/evasion hybrid with pure evasion being preferred. It will be easier to roll the required socket colors on a hybrid piece so this is fine. High life and resistance rolls are good on this as well as a flat and percentage evasion roll.


This can be either evasion or armor/evasion hybrid with pure evasion being preferred. Life and resistances are good on this. Rarity can be nice.


This can be either armor, evasion or hybrid with pure evasion being preferred. Life and resistances are good on this. Due to a lack of a good movement skill a movement speed roll is required with 30% being preferred.


This can be either evasion or armor/evasion hybrid with pure evasion being preferred. Life and resistances are good on this. Additionally attack speed is very nice.


Life and resistances are good on this.


Life and resistances are good on these. This is also a good slot to boost your strength or intelligence as required.


I recommend running 3 Life flasks, 1 amethyst and 1 Granite. You may wish to swap out the amethyst for an elemental flask as required.


I found that this character was very easy, fast and enjoyable to level. When progressing along the passive tree there is no definitive way to allocate points. If you feel like your damage is a bit low get the damage nodes and if you feel a bit squishy get the life or evasion nodes. I recommend picking up Ondar's guile around the end of normal as well as heading towards the scion life wheel before filling out the tree as it gives a huge life boost. You should also rush the aura nodes and run Wrath and Anger as soon as possible as these give a good amount of damage.

As for leveling gear I recommend using a relatively fast weapon with damage from all 3 elements on it.

A really easy way to level is using jewelry sold by Elreon. By using two pieces, both with -8 to mana cost of skills you can have 0 mana cost for a long time. This will mean you will have no mana problems. By using an elemental claw with high life gain on hit you can forgo using life leech while a 5 link is unavailable. This is what I used.

          My character          

          Level 81          

          Offensive tool tip          

Please note: This is with the less multiplier from lesser multiple projectiles as well as with a level 1 Herald of Thunder gem as I didn't have a high level one sitting around. My gear is also not optimal as barely any of it has Weapon elemental damage on it and there are wasted stats like the accuracy crafted on to the weapon which is now useless due to Resolute Technique.

          Defensive tool tip          


This gear is fairly average except for the Lightning Coil and Alpha's Howl. In total I would have spent about 10c on all this other than the two uniques. My dps would dramatically increase if I were to have more weapon elemental damage on my gear. Alpha's Howl is probably the only item that is absolutely necessary due to it's buff to auras and reduced mana reserve. Lightning coil is a very nice item as it converts 40% of the physical damage we take when we do get hit, to lightning damage. This allows us to mitigate a lot of it due to having capped lightning resistance compared to mitigating almost none of the physical damage.

Enjoy the build and thanks for reading.


I will update this whenever I get a good question.

Q:Why now Resolute Technique?
A:Resolute Technique means that your hits can't be evaded. As this build is no longer pure evasion it doesn't need to dodge every attack to stay alive.
IGN: Rhianil
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IGN: Rhianil
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IGN: Rhianil
*** Build guides ***
If you have a screenshot of your dps and defensive page, it isn't showing up. What did you end up doing differently from Mathil's build to make it effective now since the majority of people say that ele buzz saw is dead
Updated for Patch 1.3 Bloodlines and Torment Leagues!
IGN: Rhianil
*** Build guides ***
Free bump
Cheers mate i hope you keep this up as i have an 80 Ranger and my tree is refunded after patch so i'm looking for something nice.

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What's the difference between this build and Mathil's?

RamziKhoury wrote:

What's the difference between this build and Mathil's?

From the skilltree:

Mathil invests 5 points for 14% IAS + 4% MS + 20 dex + 10 life + 16% physical damage
Illus invests 5 points for 21% IAS + 2% MS + 10 dex
I prefer Illustrious way because IAS is the core mechanic of the build.

The aura/life%/chaos resist nodes above the Templar area can be taken from both builds, those 5 points are the only real difference.
Spectral Throw
great again
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What is our defence? Why not acrobatics or iron reflex which is very close? or maybe Lightning coil?

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