Ball Lightning performance

Since I started playing Cast on Crit with Ball Lightning a couple of my friends experienced severe performance problems. The bug seems to occur when someone casts Ball Lightning excessively while being alone and someone else then walks the same path of the Ball Lightning caster.

I tested this with a friend where I first fully cleared an instance with Arc and Freezing Pulse on Cast on Crit and he later joined the instance and walked through all of it - no problem.

We then tried the same thing with only Ball Lightning and after about one minute of my friend walking around his frames-per-second dropped to 5.

My guess is that it has something to do with the appearance of previously fired projectiles that sometimes show up, although there are no visible Ball Lightning projectiles they may still cause this lag.

Until this is fixed I won't be able to use Ball Lightning in my Cast on Crit setup anymore.
Surprisingly I've noticed this happening, not the frame dropping bgut the sounds. Sounds of projectiles being fired, sometimes ones previous fired in another instance, or another map.

But more commonly found, heard, and sometimes even seen. When moving into an area where a party member had been previously. Where all their attacks, and or sound slowly spool off. It's actually a cause for paranoia, as I saw projectiles fly at me across the screen.

Wand projectiles, my first thought was ROGUE EXILE.. but found out, that after my friend died in the map, I immediately discovered the "LMP + GMP" shotgun split worth number of projectiles that scared me, were just that. 'an image'.

I haven't paid attention to any serious performance drop, but I've definitely been experiencing a lot of ghost situations, where things don't match up.

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