Lost in Love quest done, not completed

as the picture shows I have done Lost in Love quest few days ago, but still have it in my quest notes that I should talk to Clarisa.
She does't want to talk to me about anything and she have no reward for me either.
She gave me keys to the severs and that was it.
Could you at least delete that quest from quests to be done?

Last edited by Henry_GGG on Sep 2, 2014, 7:53:47 PM

Same thing happened to me for merciless.
I am having the same problem. Done just cannot turn it in.
Same here, done ,but no reward.
+1 The same problem.
Same problem. Posted another thread, before seeing this one.
I have the same problem,I have done all and that quest don't give reward!!
same here
Same here.
I have also encountered this issue. Seems like a common one...

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