i had catarina and vagan, did the vagan daily and he leveled. I then dismissed him and invited elreon. Elreon is now standing in the exact same space as catarina.
Oh yeah, i misclicked first, pressed create hideout with elreon, but i didn't talk to him and took the waypoint to my hideout.
that might be the problem.
here's a screenshot.


image link

edit: making a hideout but not claiming it has no effect. Don't want to re-claim and re-decorate, don't want to dismiss and lose progress either.
Last edited by BlackPhantom434 on Aug 31, 2014, 8:33:07 AM
have you ever try to move master to another place by using keyboard arrow key in EDIT mode ?
i didn't know you could move the masters as well, thanx, it's fixed now.

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