Item Glitched Behind Box

So me and a friend were playing on the new league beyond and we opened up a box in The City Of Sarn after killing the mobs the items popped out of the box but there was a Unique pair of strapped mitts that got glitched under or behind the box and it would not let me pick them up they were evasion gloves and I was stocked to put them on my ranger but I couldn't get them :(

Last edited by Kaeliss on Aug 30, 2014, 6:40:56 PM
yes they know it can happen given that the tile sets are randomly generated and placement of chests can cause them to block some stuff...all they ask you to do if you experience this is to type /debug and capture the code it generates in chat and the problem in the pic(helps them identify the problem combinations and exclude them from spawning again), which is all there in the stickies that you should be reading before posting
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