[1.3] HvR's Crit Shockwave 3M Beyond Witch - Beginner Friendly - Atziri Down

Why are you going life? Isnt a shield build better for this?
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how is SWT affected from 2.0? Totems fine or..?
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Chronodroid wrote:
how is SWT affected from 2.0? Totems fine or..?

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Ye, it's fine (and fun!) Currently playing my first SWT in closed Beta. Can't link gems or gear obviously, but there are some rather significant (and fun) changes!

Firstly, EB is "broken". For almost everyone else, this means big nerf. However, I found that for Totem builds, this is actually a buff! Now you can get rid of all the mana and mana regen nodes, and you don't need to care about it on gear either! Saving many skill points and $$$.
The way it works now is you get some ES on gear, which is then applied via EB onto your mana instead of life. ES recharge is completely independant from Mana, hence no need for any Mana nodes. You can also reserve 100% of your mana (in current Beta, that's Hatred + 2x Heralds).

ES recharge has been made a lot faster. So with EB and essence surge keystone, you only have to wait like 2s after placing your totems, and your ES is full again. This doesn't work for continiously casting or attacking builds, but for a totem its just fine.

Instead of AA and MoM you run real armor and endurance charges - you have to, at least in hc - new meta includes TONS of physical damage.

My tree:


And finally, most fun part of all: There's new unique gloves that give a ton of armor (mine are 880 AR at q20) and a global "Knockback direction is reversed" mod. So your SWT is now a Black Hole Totem! How cool is that?!
TBH it's what made me play this build. I've always found the knockback on SWT way too annoying, especially in parties. But no longer!

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If it's not a problem can u check my gear and give me advice what to do next gearwise except 6l CoD ?

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