Contact Chris

Hi guys,

I spend a lot of my day answering mail and PMs. I really like talking to the community and hearing your feedback, but many of the questions can be handled much better by our customer support team. Recently I have been receiving dozens, if not hundreds, of PMs per day and there's no way I can keep up with replying to this volume of mail while still leading development of the game.

In addition, our PM system is honestly pretty hard to use for this volume of mail. We're planning upgrades (integrating it with an in-game messaging system) for the future. For the meantime, I'd rather receive your messages via email so that I can reply to them more quickly.

Before emailing me, please consider whether customer support can help you with your question. If it's about a payment problem, verification of your email address or anything else account-related, please email:

If you'd like to contact Grinding Gear Games in general, for example about a business development opportunity, a job application or to give general feedback, it's best to mail our general contact address so that another senior staff member can handle it. That address is:

If you have specific questions about how things work in the game, it's probably better to post them on the regular forums. We read and reply to as many posts as we can but the community is able to reply more quickly with explanations of how things work. We're happy to help, of course, but if your query is one that the community can answer, it's generally better to turn to them first. The more time we developers have to develop the game, the more patches you'll get :)

If your question is not covered by the above conditions and you'd like to contact me, please email me at:

I really enjoy hearing from the community, so I hope the above didn't scare you off! Thanks again for all of your feedback and support. We wouldn't be able to make the game without you!

Chris Wilson