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Why the kills aren't based on character time? Makes no sense in a 24h race to base the time on the start of the race -_-

I got Dom killed within 8hours (character time). But since I afked for 6h, if I ever managed to kill malachai within the next 3 hours it would be at least 17h+ mark even though my char would have only 11h in it. I can't understand why not count char time and I think its unfair and was the only reason I didn't bother continue playing after Dom kill.

Fun race though. Hope there will be more like this but with char time being used to check for milestones.

This was poorly handled from start to finish:

1- The patch notes (about the meta-mods crafting) should have been clearer.

2- The dev comment shouldn't have been deleted AFTER being posted (because it's unfair to do so).

3- This manifesto presents no solution to the inflation creating more frustration and doubts than ease.

I love GGG and their interaction with the community. They are above many other development teams out there and they simply made a really, really good game but I think this manifesto should have at least hinted about a "solution" to what is happening and will continue to happen with the economy of the current temp leagues.

PS: IMHO the minimum that has to happen right now is an exalt drop rate increase.

Hi, wtb your drillneck. IGN Yamaneko_____