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Thats pretty cool GGG. I am a Brazilian player and I always supported the game despite the fact that prices go up a lot because of currency exchanges. I believe with these new method of payment many people will buy points since the prices will be more fair.
Shield MTX? No? Then I couldnt care less...
Enable PvP Box:

-Options > Gameplay > Enable PvP (off by default. Tooltip: Your instance become available for other players to invade.) Good option for PvP and Non-pvp people.

-Hardcore: If final blow is dealt by a player you dont get moved to standard. RIP to mobs stays the same.

-Maybe a pemanent league where "Enable PvP" is ON for EVERYONE.

PS: Organized PvP is boooooring... (arena, tournments are just better than nothing. You should not aim for "just better than nothing"...)

Please GGG Im begging you. We need the good old PvP mess.. pretty please...


OBS: I dont know if this was suggested before. If so please forgive me.