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Omg, I actually felt a little emotional when I realized GGG actually answered my question and a lot of other ones. Congratulations to GGG for the awesome interaction they have with the community of PoE.
You guys at GGG have any plans of adding "hideout blueprints" as in some way for the players to save the hideout's layout? And have you ever thought about making them tradeable? Also something like a hideout noticeboard would be interesting.

Imagine this:
-Player displays his hideout on the noticeboard.
-Someone who visits it decides he wants a copy.
-Hideout owner trade his blueprint for w.e he wants.
-You could make it so only the owner would be able to make a blueprint. To avoid screwing up the hideout of the week. (Hotw: Owner would have to submit his hideout with the blueprint).

PS: Thx for making an awesome game. Can't wait for Act 4...
Traded 4ex with him. Safe and easy. Recommend.