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Right now it feels like all the shop/build indexers available are very inefficient. Also Procurement feels like it's very slow even with a good connection and now with PoExplorer going open source I have some ideas how to evolve the current services into something much more efficient & realtime.

Currently I am developing a fully client side scraper with functions to parse shops & builds from the class forums. It feels much faster than the current alternatives as everything happens realtime and doesn't depend on a third-party service. For those interested in the technical details, it is build on React & Backbone with ScraperJS to handle all the tough work.

There are so many ideas that could be implemented with the correct architecture and I hope to discuss this matter here.

Realtime shop parsing is a big step from what you can do at the moment with i.e. poeXYZ. It feels much more natural with realtime search, also contributes to great UX. It also allows for some more advanced features, like being able to see the price of certain items right away when they get posted, which allows you to be way more efficient and to accelerate the market.

Also there's a very good opportunity for streamers / community persons alike to make a name of themselves. Implementing a system like Diablo 3s[1] where you can compare yourself to other players to know who can clear maps fastest, does more DPS etc could really boost competition outside of the ladder. I know it's a bit hard to get players items from their characters (there's no API to do this right now), but you can do something like Procurement does (or copy paste like poeXYZ does with item import).

I have dozens of ideas which could be useful, but the mind of one player is not enough to make a great service. I really need to know what you guys need and want, though you might not know you want it until you see it. If you, instead of having ideas for the functionality, are interested in actually building the service itself with me, just PM me your info and I'll contact you right away!

I'm very eager to take the next step of PoE shop/build indexing and I hope I will be able to with your help!

PS: also discussed here:
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