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2ex 4gcp for armor - ign grubeater
IGN: Nononononono/GrubEater/DhamonGrimwulf
IGN: Nononononono/GrubEater/DhamonGrimwulf
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From what I've seen, EK builds, FP crit builds and those arrow users are rather quick. But for lazy people like me, a summoner is pretty damn fast (disclaimer - I'm not saying they're the fastest, but they're not slow). Many of those that claim summoners are slow probably don't play a summoner or didn't know the tricks.

I can wear full IIR/IIQ, get a cheap 5L chest - and use spectre/increased area/minion life/fire penetration/increased quantity. Go to lunaris and get 1 or 2 burning miscreations (those that casts unrighteous fire) and then start to farm docks.

Once unrighteous fire gets activated, you can practically run through the entire area without stopping much and everything just gets melted and burns very quickly. You don't even kite, you just run right smack into a congregation of those monsters and they all burns up around you.
IGN: Nononononono/GrubEater/DhamonGrimwulf