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Completed 1 Challengefadekill wrote:
And here it comes: The beginning of the casualisation... I'm fine with this update but I sincerly hope it doesn't go further in this direction. I'm curious if they delete THE HINT in the loading screens that says something like "creating a portal is a good way to jump right back into action when you die". hum.

That was my initial thought. Hopefully checkpoints will only work on Normal difficulty. Otherwise, there won't be much use for portals anymore.
With the recent update on PvP development I wanted to mention a few things.

Since cut-throat will eventually be implemented as a new league, legacy items won't exist in it until they are created. If they are created in the league the problem won't appear to be as bad since anyone who uses a legacy item also risks losing that item. The unfairness to new players still exists but the problem isn't as glaring.

However, with the introduction of cut-throat mode PvP will start to become more balanced and more popular and not everyone will want to play with the risks of cut-throat mode. These people will want to PvP in Standard leagues, which may or may not have introduced more PvP features, where the "legacy" problem will become much more evident.
Completed 6 Challengesreboticon wrote:

You should just accept it. Devs have made their opinions on standard very clear numerous times. They are not going for a balanced economy there. You just need to accept it, just as I have to learn to accept the ludicrous amount of RNG in the game. It is by design. In regards to PvP - very, very few people care about PvP, and there is no way to actually balance it without really screwing with PvE. In the same way races will never truly be balanced because of RNG.

Again, I don't think it's GGG's intention to keep a "dumpster league" around. RNG has nothing in common with this issue. RNG is an intended aspect of the game while legacy items in Standard are an unintended result of poor planning.

Also, there's a massive demand for PvP. Many people were originally attracted to this game by the prospect of PvP. I understand not wanting to change PvE for PvP but PvP was promised from the beginning, so it is just as much a part of this game and deserves attention.

Completed 6 Challengesreboticon wrote:

Those people are put in 4 MONTH leagues by default for a reason. They can acquire those items as they are made available again through race rewards or they can buy them at a premium.

Again, how is this fair for new players? Why should players receive a permanent advantage just because they've been playing longer? GGG has always supported a fair playing field (which is why microtransactions don't give gameplay benefits). This process of letting veteran players keep overpowered items should not be ignored.