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I'm sick of all the pretty, peaceful, forested hideouts. Welcome to my lair.
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This is Chip's Rampage shop, welcome! (Last Updated Saturday, September 06, 2014 9:42 AM),
If something is priced too high, make an offer and I will consider it if it sounds fair.
I also accept equivalent currencies. 1 Chaos = 1 Regret = 2 Alch = 2 Fuse = 2 Scour
Please message me ingame if something catches your eye. My IGN is DoubleDownie.

~b/o 1 alchemy

~b/o 1 alchemy

~b/o 1 alchemy

~b/o 1 chaos

~b/o 2 chaos

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GreenDude wrote:

...I'm all for making LLD more accessible to new users but not at the expense of "end game LLD" where you try to reach perfection/character progression.

Don't the crafting tables only apply a single mod? They just lower the bar for end game LLD gear to require 5 perfect stats instead of 6. Seems fine to me, especially since LLD is supposed to cater more towards newer players anyway.