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Bonesnap was kinda ok for a club with a skull on it but what exactly was cool about doombringer? Seemed pretty ordinary to me.

Things don't need to be over the top to look badass and memorable. I suppose I liked the dark gritty look over the flashy shiny look. Bonesnap was a crude looking maul with spikes hammered through it and a beat up steel skull on top. Doombringer looked somewhat ordinary compared to flashy over the top art in jrpgs and new games like d3, but it had a cool looking sword guard and interesting serrations in the blade which was a dark steel color.

Its like they thought bigger = better when they made these skins. These skins don't even look worn, they are brand new and unused. I thought they were trying to convey a dark gritty look in this game... wheres the chipped axes and swords covered in blood and handles wrapped in torn blood stained cloth? Thats what I personally want to see!
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Personally not a fan of any of these to be honest. They by and large look big and clunky and the swords remind me of something from an anime theme - aimed at the huge wing crowd I'm sure.

I see you guys have plenty of time to make lots of new MTX and I get it, it pays the bills. Any chance that 3d art will get caught up soon? Would be nice. You guys gave the helmets in game their own art and that was fantastic. Would love to see the rest of the items/uniques have their respective art as well.

Am I the only one who thinks most of these skins belong in a jrpg?... I've been worried about the art direction since the wings mtx's were released, but oh well. As long as they are making money to make the core game better :) That being said, the sword blades look like paddles because they are so wide, its very unpleasing to look at, and hurts my brain to think about how they could be swung. The devourer maul has a thin shaft that abruptly meets a huge head which also looks really odd. I also hate the 1h axes that look like fans. I know I don't have to buy them so it doesn't affect me, but just sayin cause I miss the cool looking weapons from d2 like doombringer and bonesnap, and think this game has so much potential to have much better looking weapons.

On the plus side, the shield looks fucking dope, as well as the gargoyle axe, and so do the bows, particularly the defiance bow. The claws are a bit over the top for me, but I still kinda like them.

Can we please get more 3d art for uniques in game? I would even buy a supporter pack that just gets me a forum badge or something as long as 100% of the money went to creating art for the uniques in game... It must be very disheartening for new players who play for a long time and finally get that awesome looking unique drop to equip it and see some dumb looking base item...