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Will you do anything to additionally increase the incentive to clear areas? Even with the added content (such as strongboxes), I mostly find myself impatiently running through content until the late-game.
Completed 20 ChallengesShimaran wrote:
No offense but that art is really really out of place. In fact, Divination cards are really out of place.

That's exactly what I think ! Divination cards art is miles away from the atmosphere of the game. And even if it was in PoE's theme, these cards are not pretty. They look like they have been drawn by a 6-year-old children.

I agree on the art being "out of place", althouh I don't buy the 6-year-old sentiment. They are well-drawn, but they do indeed seem completely "off" the theme somehow. Changing the background on the cards away from this "fuzzy grey" might help a lot - right now they are not "crisp" at all.

A bigger concern I have with divination cards is the space for F2P-players. If one needs to hold 75 different divination cards that takes up 75 spaces in the stash, and for those who have 4 tabs that is quite a lot. They should come up with some alternative storage for the cards, so it doesn't "force" people to get more stash-space.

I hope you listen to the constructive criticisms, GGG? I mean no harm with my concerns, but the process seems a little rushed compared to all the other things you have implemented.
In my opinion GGG should not allow either purchasing or upgrading legacy packs. Of course this is easy for me to say as an "old" supporter, but I also think there is some important history to the first packs - especially the closed beta ones.

People who purchased diamond supporter packs (particularly in the beginning) literally spent a thousand bucks on something which could turn out to be a complete "failure". Back then the game was still known only to few, and those who purchased the packs were not just buying fancy MTX or some item-design - they invested in something they hoped would materialize as a success. This is not to discredit the newer supporters (or packs), but I think many people fail to understand the dynamics that were at work back then.

Having said all this: I doubt it will ever happen - especially as all packs have always been sold under the promise of "this is your last chance to buy...".