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You don't want to use GMP if you only have 1k dps even at low level. Go for LMP until your dps is much too high.

There are some easy ways to level as a wander:

and Herald of Ice. You won't need any auras, not even a weapon. Just make sure you have an Engraved Wand and try to get crit (and ideally attack speed) on it.

You will only have around 2k life at Merciless but can push 1k-5k Chain DPS at level 40-60 rather easily. Depends on whether you are willing to run a Tabula, which just sky rockets everything.

Oh and there is Meginord's. Pretty insane as long as you can afford the lack of resists. Honestly, Meginord's could theoretically compete with Maligaro's (it can't, don't get me wrong - but almost).
#1 Templar Closed Beta HC Ladder (lvl 83)
Probably could have asked for free craft or 1 Chaos craft but at 2C per price I would not take a free level 8 craft from a friend. Not the best crit chance, but thanks for the craft:

#1 Templar Closed Beta HC Ladder (lvl 83)
#1 Templar Closed Beta HC Ladder (lvl 83)