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taking a break from the forum, mods are pathetic, a million other online places I'd rather be.
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DalaiLama wrote:
As for humans being herbivores first. . . Take a look at a lion, wolf, and in the mirror. Now look at a cow, deer or in the mirror. Mammal predators tend to have binocular vision, while peripheal vision is more important for prey animals.

We don't have forward facing eyes so we can hunt down lettuce.

Why would you look at a lion or a wolf? Wouldn't it make more sense to look at apes? They have forward facing eyes yet most of them are herbivores, and the ones that are omnivores only generally eat meat if they find it already dead. They certainly aren't hunters.

And again, forget predators and prey for a second. The one thing that separates us from all the other predators and prey in this world is the ability to reflect on our behavior and ethics through rational discourse with one another. That's pretty special and it would be a shame not to use that ability. Like I said, just because we used to do something, doesn't mean we should keep doing it, especially if alternatives have developed in the meantime.
SkyCore wrote:
The day i see an animal protect or save a human, is a day i stop eating that type of animal.

I take it you mean that they have to conciouisly make a decision to protect the human? Humans have been using parts of pig hearts for a long time as they are extrodinarily similar to our own hearts.

As for them making a concious decision to protect us (which is sort of a double standard, I'm not actively protecting them, I'm just not killing/eating them. Thus far no animal has killed or eaten me, so I'd say we're even), I think there are probably quite a lot of cases of pigs and cows saving people deliberately. A quick google reveals there's a pig called Lulu who went out into the road to get help for her owner, and cows who have stayed by injured farmers licking them and stuff (which is the best help they can be expected to offer).

And then there's the flipside of that idea; many humans don't protect or save people, does that mean they are fair game for being turned into burgers?