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Dragon585 wrote:

Second, the above comment about not pulling your gun on someone unless you plan to shoot them is actually a pretty bad opinion. Most bad guys are looking for an easy target. If they are doing something that makes you feel threatened, it is absolutely a good idea to "draw" on them. But PLEASE do take a pistol course. They will explain to you when it is ok and when it is not ok to draw your gun. As well as drill you on the rules of gun ownership which includes NEVER pointing a gun at something you aren't willing to destroy. But drawing your gun on someone that makes you feel threatened does NOT necessarily mean pointing it at them. Again, a good class will help you with all of this.

The classes I took were unanimous in their advice not to pull a gun on someone unless you fully plan to use it. I wasn't even aware that there were any classes that teach people to use a gun as a scare tactic, other than open carry.

Edit: Another thing is to find out the laws of where you live and what will happen if you do use it. Here in Cambodia as long as my gun is legal and licenced, if I kill a thief in my own home I can be very confident that nothing will happen to me from a legal perspective as a result, regardless of whether the thief was armed. If I did the same thing where I'm from (England) I'd be in a world of legal shit whether I was right to kill the thief or not. As such, I wouldn't want to own a gun in England even if they'd let me. You're damned if you use it and damned if you don't over there.
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Protip: Don't pull out the gun unless you are going to shoot someone with it. Showing someone a gun to "scare them off" is generally a terrible idea.
zakariusqc wrote:
he stretched them to how much?small one like 10mm or less the hole didnt look that bad

When I was 4 years old, I had a desperate desire to get my ears pierced for reasons that now totally escape me. Dad took me to get it done, and I think I wore them for around 3 or 4 months before I decided that they weren't cool afterall and took them out.

I'm now in my late 20's, and one of the ears still has a hole in it. It never closed over. I'm pretty sure if it was stretched, it would still be the same size it had been stretched to.

Not all ears are the same, and I think you're relying too much on this idea that below 10mm they will recover but above it they wont. Bodies aren't that predictable.