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alexde77 wrote:
Really?7 views and no response?No one on a MMO SITE KNOWS OF A GOOD GAME?!? FUCKING SERIOUSLY?

There are plenty of good games, but good games cost money to create. You need to choose between wanting everything to be free or being willing to spend a bit of cash.

Hitler DID save the Jews from extermination. They had been persecuted by pretty much everyone who encountered them since the conception of their religion, and it's only due to the holocaust that Israel exists today. In failing to exterminate them, he ensured their long term survival in a way that simply wouldn't have otherwise happened.

Do people in real life know you think this way and if so, what's it like only having ignorant, gullible fucks for friends?

I have never heard of anyone claiming that the creation of modern day Israel wasn't a direct result of the atrocities committed against Jews during the war. If you have a point to make that contradicts that viewpoint then make it. Hurling insults around without addressing the point is (by definition) pointless.