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I use an ASUS G750 and it performs better than many more expensive "gaming laptops" I've owned (including one from Alienware and another from Origin).
ScrotieMcB wrote:
As a libertarian, I take umbrage as being referred to as a wing of the Republican Party. As far as I'm concerned, Democrats want big government and say so, while Republicans want big government and lie about it. Democrats are tax-and-spend, Republicans are debt-and-spend.

"Somewhere in the history of libertarianism, this rejection of the State has been eroded to the point that anarchists are now aspiring politicians and can hear the words "anarchist Senator" without flinching. No longer is libertarianism directed against the positions of power, against the offices through which the State is manifested; the modern message — complete with straw hats, campaign rhetoric and strategic evasion — is "elect my man to office" as if it were the man disgracing the office and not the other way around. Those who point out that no one has the right to such a position, that such power is anathema to the concept of rights itself, are dismissed as negative, reactionary or crackpot."

- Wendy McElroy
Brilliant stuff.