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People think Dawkins is an ass, but I actually like his bitter speech.

The problem with Dawkins is that the only people who would ever want to listen to him are people who already agree with him in the first place...
Best speaker ever was Christopher Hitchens. Best speaker alive today is Sam Harris. The end.
News flash: Being against a religion and being against a race of people are two completely different things. A religion is something you chose to believe in (unless you're born in one of the 35 countries where its illegal to stop being a Muslim), and as such it says something about who you are. A race is something you are born into and says nothing about who you are.

If you genuinely believe in flying horses and an ideology which teaches that anyone of a different religion than you should be killed, that's something people can and should be allowed to condemn. Does it mean that I think all Muslims want to kill unbelievers? No, of course not, but they still make a decision to worship a book which teaches them to do exactly that.

As another example: I don't believe that there are many (if any) Jews who would stone an adulterer to death, but they still chose to worship a book which instructs them to do it. They may well be peaceful people, but it doesn't mean their religion is fundamentally peaceful, it quite clearly isn't.

Out of curiosity Dirk, are there any ideologies that you simply won't tolerate? If so; what are they and why?