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> Passive skill allocation now requires confirmation to prevent misclicks.

Thank you!!
I second this.

I was in an accident years ago and my right hand never recovered its full dexterity. I struggle hard to click on the items nameplates. I wish they would be bigger too.

I'm unsure if there's potential for exploits, but in single player that would surely be beneficial.

I wish we could +1 posts in this forum!
Whenever I see someone this loud about a game makes me think. On one hand its definitely rude and does not promote good dialogue about resolving particular issues.

On the other hand, the OP probably liked the game enough to be upset he was not able to play it, which I totally understand, and he even took the time to come to the forums and write. In a rude fashion, but still.

Just shows that people are really liking the game, and I'm sure the devs are aware of performance issues.

The game plays great on my pseudo-gaming laptop, so sometimes it's easy to forget PoE is still in beta, which is what the OP should remember. Some manners too, that goes a long way.
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