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Completed 20 Challengesavlee wrote:
It's actually ok. I'll get a good night's sleep, then start 6 hours into the race at 7AM saturday instead of playing 3hrs, then sleep for 6 and play again.

I kinda agree. While I was planning to play a couple of hours in the beginning, I don't see why moving (not shortening!) the race would actually change anything. The time I don't get to play tonight is then added on Sunday, so I'm not missing out.
Crit happens.
Fun race. Around the 1-hour mark I realized that there's one more hour to go. :P

Went solo all the way and ended up 26th overall. Pretty good. But I guess that lucky Bladefall drop in Warehouses was helping as well...

Crit happens.
Wow, this was so bad, I don't even know what to say... :(

I somehow thought that going for Blade Vortex was a good idea (on Shadow). So I build accordingly (phys damage) and concluded that EK was a good spell before that as it benefits from my passives. Boy, was I wrong! I needed about 10min to kill the first few exiles and leave the coast - because a level 2 EK does less damage than a crude bow on auto attack. -.-
It only really started to actually do damage, when I linked it to Added Cold, which was about 5min before the league ended...

I guess if I had used Freezing Pulse instead, as a Shadow should do, I'd have gotten to level 20 maybe. Instead of 13.
Crit happens.