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Who the hell uses their flasks 100% of the time?! Any 'while flask is active' ability is a waste of time.

I'd voice a careful guess, that about 90% (or 99%) of players > lvl 90 usually have at least one flask active while they are fighting.
To me this ascendency looks quite powerful. And so very different to the other ascendencies - I like it.
Crit happens.
Completed 23 Challengesphaero wrote:
Suggested a similar thing some time ago but having it on the right side of the map (when in full screen) since it is a function of the current zone rather than your exp

I agree on the penalty = f(mlvl), but as it is nothing you'd need to look up several times per zone - rather once (or less) - I think the XP/hour tooltip would be a nice place to have it.

I wonder why this topic doesn't get more attention - when I'm trying to get as much XP as possible, the penalties are quite important. (Also at some points one level more or less can have a rather significant impact on the penalty, so I have to consult my excel sheet to tell me what map tier I want to play.)
Crit happens.
How does CoCS limit design space? In my opinion one just has to get a little more creative when balancing new skills.

Let's look at an example of a slow, hard-hitting spell that is intended for self-casting purposes:
As it stands, the low cast time is completely ignored by CoCS, and so the spell would be magnitudes stronger on CoCS compared to self-cast.
If that spell now had a cooldown significant enough to prevent it from being useful for CoCS, chances are that self-casters also don't like the slow (because limited) cast rate.
To remedy that situation, what if we had cast speed affect spell cooldowns? (Or, for that matter, introduce a new stat called "spell cooldown reduction" that appears in combination with cast speed passives - then it doesn't get as ridiculous with items like Pledge of Hands and is easier to balance.)

I'm quite optimistic that the average CoCS-character has no passive points left to also include cast speed in their tree. Also cast speed on gear is no option (due to having limited options in the first place) and frenzy charges - well, which passives to sacrifice to get more than 3 of them?

And regarding the potency of spells casted by CoCS versus self-cast:
I'd guess* that the self-caster (if similarly offensively build) has an advantage of about 300-400% increased spell damage over the CoCS character, while still having access to all the same spell crit nodes.

*meaning this is an assumption - I did not research this numerical range
Crit happens.