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DirkAustin wrote:
"What countries will get own language version after Russia? How far is the german translation? Will you provide german only servers or just let us play on the internationals with a german client?"

Dear GGG, i hope its not going to be one of those awful not by choice kind of things when you do add a german client/version. I always set all my games to english anyways, and i want to play POE in english even if there is a german version. I hope i am given this as a choice, not by force.

Thank you,

Your Cookie Master

Even though I think from a technical perspective nothing should speak against being able to choose your language, I need to second this.

Having occasionally browsed through some German translations of PoE skill gems and similar stuff, I must say it feels pretty weird to me. (Not to forget it makes communication between users of different clients more difficult: "Feuersturm you say? Ah, that must be Firestorm. But what the heck is this Entladungs-Edelstein¹ you keep talking about?)
And in Diablo 2, having different initials for the same thing (Skill, Item, whatever) depending on the language was pretty silly, imho.

¹ literal translation of "Discharge gem"
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Vranesh wrote:
I'm in Torment and I've been having some trouble finding one. I'll probably just wait until Torment ends and then pick it up - thanks for the great build.

Are you talking about finding one yourself? Because they can be had for 1 chaos... 32 online and with buyout right now...
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Lol, 20th Marauder with so much bad RNG... found 3 alchs and got me:

I mean, it's nice survivability, but 36 DPS on Ground Slam is pretty bad... -.-
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