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leighferon wrote:
I think if you shatter a mob you can't explode it.

shatter is a form of culling--so if a mob shatters its incapable of exploding unless generosity and herald of ice would work with minions...which it does not. since herald of ice is not an aura minions cannot receive the benefit of the skill. the shatter mechanic and the minion instability mechanic happen at different times. even if minions were capable of using minion instability and herald of ice---one or the other would not happen because of when the 2 occur is at different times.

Did you try combining HoI and Quecholli?
I did. And it seems to work quite well. I hit enemies with Glacial Hammer (without Melee Splash) and if they shatter I can observe both the HoI on-kill effect as well as the corpse explosion from Quecholli. Also trash mobs seemed to occasionally die from full health when around the one just killed. (Which can't be from Quecholli as it only deals 10% of the mob's HP and I don't have any increased fire/elemental damage)
I could also observe chilled monsters in the vicinity - although I'm not quite sure whether that could also be the added cold from HoI applied to the Quecholli explosion...

And regarding the earlier-discussed combination of HoI and PCoC. I was not able to create any power charges with that combination... :(
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At about 1:20 you say:
Chris wrote:
We like the use of Devoto's Devotion as a helmet for this build. Movement speed is very useful because of the frequent use of Leap Slam.

My understanding was that Leap Slam's duration can exclusively be altered by attack speed modifiers...?
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Kandamo wrote:
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Yeah, I think stash tabs are pretty OP.
People with less tabs will have way more time to play the game and need to invest less time to sort their stash - so I think everyone with loads of stash tabs is at a serious disadvantage! Basically we should get points for taking those pesky tabs off of GGG's hands!
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