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Completed 40 ChallengesSheriff_K wrote:
(let's be honest, the ONLY reason people like them is for the pack size.)

Hey, I love getting that random Diamond/Acceleration/Echoing Shrine. Don't be overly generalizing.
Crit happens.
As if voltaxic spark ain't strong enough yet :/


New quiver: 30% increased damage for Spark (at 300 Int)
Old quiver: 100% increased damage for Spark (at 100% pierce chance)

Why would the new one change anything?

Completed 36 ChallengesShppy wrote:
Of course, that begs the question of why critical strikes always freeze/shock/ignite in the first place...

Because it was implemented that way? Because it's a basic rule in this game? Maybe even something like a law of nature in Wraeclast?

Completed 11 Challengesggnorekthx wrote:
"Your critical strikes do not always freeze" is entirely, 100% inaccurate and misleading. Any normal human being is going to assume something like a 30-50% chance of your crit strikes freezing.

The only thing 100% inaccurate I can see is your statement. "Not always" certainly implies everything from "never" (0%) up to "almost always" (99,9999%). In a game that heavily relies on mechanics, would the first thing a sensible player does upon encountering the wording "not always" be to assume a random percentage instead? I guess not. That would not make sense in the context of PoE. The sensible player then either proceeds to realize that the "always freeze on crit" property is taken away and thus something else has to take its place (like the generic chance to freeze - what else would be there?), or they conclude that they don't know and consult the wiki.
Crit happens.
Am I getting this right, that the league starts at May 7th, 4am German time ?

Nope. It's already displayed in your (our) local time - given you actually logged in from Germany. It's May 6th, at 10pm (22:00 Uhr).

Completed 18 ChallengesNHK666 wrote:
League was determined before polls
polls are just damage control for people to feel happier and needed

because of no ssf I'll just wait till next big patch

Good Job GGG for manipulating your Polls so you are sure SSF doesnt win.

This poll is an illusion exile!

Illusion of choice

What the heck is wrong with you people? Would you mind taking off your tin foil hat for a second and think again?
Crit happens.
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