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_wuv_ wrote:
omg when can you guys move on from righteous fire? this is lasting longer than lightning arrow and discharge did

Nothing wrong with finding a build you like and sticking to it...
Crit happens.
Obscuritas wrote:
If you increase the duration you will increase the dmg most likely.
The new mechanic seems to imply that viper strike protits most form increased skill effekt, massive attack speed.


GedPoE wrote:
does the shock changes mean now you can't have more than 1 shock charge active, instead of 3?

Percentage-based life increases have been reduced slightly
slightly? to have half is slightly? tell hc life based build players

Allow me to answer with a quote to your first question:
Shock and Shocked Ground have been changed so that they cause 50% increased damage taken (rather than 30%) but no longer stack.

And while the life nodes were nerfed slightly, you seem to forget that base life per level was also buffed slightly. (Only by some meager 50%, though.)
People who put some thought into it seem to agree that life overall will experience a very minor nerf, if any at all.
Crit happens.
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Have a look at the vendor recipes page in the PoE wiki. I usually swim in chromatics by the end of a challenge league (as long as I don't try such foolish things like 4 off-colours on chests...)

chromatic items for - you guessed it - chromatic orbs
6-socketed items for jewelers
chaos recipe
and so on.

Some are more difficult or tedious to pull of but in all you will be able to make quite some currency watching out for recipe stuff.

Edit: Lol @Lachdanan. Only after the second time reading your post was I getting its meaning. :D (Your suggestion sounds a bit cruel at first but it would seem like a win-win situation for stressed-out young parents who want to advance their char a bit.)
Crit happens.
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