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Ajaxcandy wrote:
[...] with the league half over[...]

Huh? What are you talking about? It has not even been 2 weeks in this league and you call it half over?
I'd assume the leagues are about 1/8 to 1/6 done, certainly not more.
Crit happens.
Fuglypump wrote:
Does emberwake reduce righteous fire self damage?

also does the ring reduce RF damage?

It doesn't. The affix says "80% less burning damage", which means "burning damage dealt by you", not "burning damage dealt to you". If it was reducing the damage dealt to the player, it would say so. Also, why would GGG introduce an item that would make it ridiculously easy to run RF on every single character?
Crit happens.
Thank you for your response Mark.
So that means that the initial hit's crit chance and the explosion's crit chance are completely independent.
I wonder - is it then even possible to tell whether or not the explosion will deal critical damage? Up until now I was assuming that an initial critical hit with the first fuse would have the whole stack explode with critical damage. But in the light of your clarification that assumption can't be correct.

So I would now conclude that it is decided upon exploding whether or not the fuse stack does crit - which would make a crit EA build somewhat viable. (I checked the last 10 pages and there only was a question asking about the same thing - no answer.)
Crit happens.