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Buyout for the carrion lock belt, 7 chaos

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Hrishi wrote:
Seems like EK above level 20 doesn't work, gives a value of 0!

Great tool nonetheless.

Thats because I dont know whats past level 20. If you miss a level but you have the gem so you know the numbers, you can just add it to the .ini. Should be pretty self explanatory. You dont even need to restart the calculator.
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Last edited by Flexn on December 17, 2013 9:13 PM
Flexn wrote:
Jaqen wrote:
half screen...

that is weird...
I've added a temporary resize function, also the window will now pop up centered horizontal and fixed close to the upper margin of the screen. Maybe that helps.

I'm getting a similar problem and can't find the resize function. I'm probably being stupid but where is it? Due to my screen layout the calculate button (and all info below it) are stuck out of view below the screen.

This is harder to fix than I thought. To resize just drag the border but I doubt it will help much right now. Have you tried using fullscreen?
Btw if anyone knows how to automatically resize font to fit a label, pls let me know.
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