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Chris wrote:
As a side note, 26 people have completed 8/8 challenges in the Rampage/Beyond challenge leagues.

From yesterday's News post.
Life in Wraeclast would be a walk in the park compared to my real life.
Timcago wrote:

Can i get one of those pets please? Don't feel Aussie without one.

Unfortunately I had a VERY small number to give away and I've been building the list since, well, Open Beta.

I hope GGG can find ways to make the pet available in the future, but for now, it was just something to 'share with your friends', so the Ruler pack declared. (It was ten codes, but I threatened GGG until they let me have 20. Threatened them with pavlova.)

Glad to see I have more than 20 friends, or at least know more than 20 people who want an otherwise exclusive pet.

Am I on that list? I cant recall if I asked for one or not. If I did I would have been one of the first...or I could have chickened out cause I am shy and dont like annoying people *damn my politeness!*

Anyway, nice choice!

Is that Aussie pav or Kiwi pav...I know there's a fight between us and them who owns the rights. lol
Life in Wraeclast would be a walk in the park compared to my real life.
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Chameleon wrote:
Listen to you lot.


It's not YOUR 12.5k USD monster being totally overshadowed by shitty game changes, is it?!


For 12.5kUSD you should have been given the privilege of designing an Act boss...or side area boss at the least.

I hope your monster has an increased chance to drop all the Uniques you have created. That would be a nice touch from GGG.

Who's to say I didn't design a side area boss?

The wording by Qarl suggest that it is a base monster type or a Rogue Exile like monster(they are far to insignificant in the scheme of things) which isnt really something I consider a side area boss.

Qarl wrote:
Added a new monster, designed by a Ruler of Wraeclast supporter, to some Act Two areas.

I could be wrong and they also added a whole quest chain to explain these side area bosses.

Or it could be one of the other Ruler's monster. :-)
Life in Wraeclast would be a walk in the park compared to my real life.