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proz9c wrote:
It seems to get worse when you alt-tab to windows and back somehow. Like it breaks vsync or whatever i dno im no expert.

I have noticed the same thing.
-Getting 1 shoted.

Bad gear, bad build or simply not enough life
-Monsers' phys damage is OP

Try to not get hit
-F2P players cannot use race rewards.

-there should be more free stash tabs.

PoE is free game. GGG needs money. Buy more tabs or see above post.
-Nemesis and bloodline mods that deal damage after killing monsters OP (especialy with extra phys aura and extra dmg map mod)

Not a prob if u don't get hit or have enought life & resist. Be more careful.
-Axe nodes OP

Nah, other nodes are up at best.
-coc up (the funniest build in game)

CoC was OP some time ago..
-Some map mods should have higher iiq bonus when combined together.