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Aw yiss, I hit lvl 90 on hardcore prophecy today. Very good build.

Class: Champion
Final build: A bit different than in OP

Tooltip DPS with charges, auras, totem and golem:


One jewel, gives 6% life, 9% dmg and about 0,2% manaleech

I'll probably try out Atziri and that Prophecy boss combo later... also skipped uber izaro coz didn't really need those last 2 points. I just wanted hit 90 :)
GGG is incredibly stingy when it comes to maps and exp. I'm STUCK in tier 7 and 8 maps, only one tier 7 map left. I have not seen a tier 11 or better map in this league at all.

Grinding is very dull, unchallenging and tedious. It's bad game design and yet another reason to quit/skip a league...

No fun = no microtransaction purchases = no profit
Mana & Life leech nodes are a bit unnecessary IMO in the Duelist version of this build. Gloves with crafted mana leech or jewel with mana leech are enough to sustain mana (~0.3). Those 3 points saved can then be used elsewhere or to complete the build earlier.