Necromantic Aegis Interactions

Hi guys,

I have some trouble with Necromantic Aegis and its behaviour with other passive skills.

Necromantic Aegis is a skill used by summoners (Softcore essentialy, as the hardcore characters need their shield for their own survavibility).

Necromantic Aegis
All bonuses from an equipped shield apply to your minions instead of you.

From my tests, the shield block is used by the minions, helping them a LOT versus physical damage.
Using shield with life bonus (multiplied by the %minions hp bonus from nodes) / resistance bonus is great.

But my question : will the shield bonuses from the passive tree works on minions ?
For exemple, the shield bonus you can easily pick on the templar tree :
- Shield block : +2% additionnal shield block chance.
=> I think that this skill will to be applied directly on the shield, so will work on minions
- Same behaviour with Shield Mastery and Shield Block and Defenses skills.
- However, what with Elemental Resistance with a shield : 15% Elemental resistance when holding a shield.
=> Applied on the character, on the minions, non of them ? (I think the first possibility, but I haven't tested and need some feedback before puting my skillpoints.)

In summary :
With Necromantic Aegis,
- did the %defense & %block chance granted by passive skill be used by minions ?
- the elemental resistance granted by Elemental resistance with a shield will be applied on the summoner or the minions ?

And, to develop more : did you know some good combo (like other talents, or active skill, or stats on an item shield) that could work great on minions with Necromantic Aegis ?

EDIT // I think I found the answers.
To be quick, the summary is here :

- The skill gems will still be yours to wield.
- Tempest Shield will NOT be transferred to minions.
- Passive Skills that increase Shield stats themselves will also have no effect (i.e. Energy - Shield on Shield, Bulwark and Shield Block.)
- However, stats that take effect while you are holding a shield should in principle remain in effect. This is worded differently from passives that bump shield stats themselves like block chance.

Everything seems confirmed by GGG, see my other post below.

Thanks :)
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this are really good questions imo

should get more attention, resp. answers :D
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I was debating speccing into the Aegis since I found a nice unique shield at the end of act 1.

But then I realized it would be too dangerous in HC.
Yup, I follow you on this. As hardcore player you defintively need your shield :)

But in softcore it is a little different, dying is never fun, but it is not the end ! And the resistance bonus gained by the minions is huge (even if it was only the block chance, for memory a block mitigate all damage). The HP boost is good too.

But i'm still not finding any sources regarding my previous questions :(

I will try to find the skill gem Tempest Shield and see if it works.
If yes, could be fun ! (I play with Wrath/Conductivity, could be a third part of this electric combo !)
Ok, after few tests with Tempest Shield : it doesnt work ! Sad :(

I've found some interesting things by dwelving into the forum. However, since their was some modification in the build since these post, I'm not 100% sure that everything is still true.

Regarding shield passive skill nodes

Mark_GGG wrote:
In the skill tree does additional block chance and increase energy shield on shields effect Necromantic Aegis, ie included in the minions effect?

No. those passives increase the benefit you get from having a shield. If you aren't actually getting benefit from the shield (NA) they do nothing.

Regarding Tempest shield

Mark_GGG wrote:
The tempest shield spell does two things:
1) Puts a buff on you that grants 10% additional block chance with shields.
2) Deals lightning damage to anything you block damage from.

If you have Necromantic Aegis, you won't benefit from the blocking buff because you're no longer using the shield. And since you won't block anything, no damage is dealt by the spell.

Regarding Elemental resistance with shield

PoE wrote:
However, stats that take effect while you are holding a shield should in principle remain in effect. This is worded differently from passives that bump shield stats themselves like block chance.


=> The summoner will benefits for the elemental resistance because he is holding the shield, even if he doesn't use it.
Edit: Dang someone beat me. Would be cool if Tempest Shield did work, I want lightning spewing minions.
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Oh wow, so getting a high defensive shield with a large amount of resists would benefit both pets and yourself with Aegis??
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no, they're saying if you get the passive node that says you get elemental resistances if your holding the shield. you'll have the passive elemental resistance cuz you are hold a shield, but it isnt a buff that applies to the shield. thus your minions will not get that elemental resistance, only you do.

the whole point of this skill is to improve your minion's survivability and to give them a small boost.

so basically you'll have 3 shields to choose from based on what stats you have,

if you have only int, your gonna be getting the spirit shields, which will provide a small amount of spell damage and energy shield, so your minions will have a bigger boom when they explode with this shield and will have a shield buffer that will regenerate between fights (since they dont have regeneration themselves)

if you have str and int, you'll be able to get into the kite shields which will give them armor and energy shield as well as some elemental resistances, making them hardier and also helping them from getting leap frogged over the threshold of when they can explode.

and then you have your thorns shields with int and dex. this will give your minions a very small chance to dodge attacks and also have the energy shield of course. this also allows your minions to have a thorn effect where enemies hit them will take damage back. so if your using them as a meat shield, this is a pretty nice way to deal some reflective damage.

as well as any modifiers on the shield will also apply to your minions, so if your shield added weapon damage, that'll apply to the minion's attacks, if you had life regen on it, your minions will regen that amount of life. and so on. My guides

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