0.9.12x Patch Notes

Version 0.9.12x
  • Changed the Map mods that add more magic and rare packs so that they're multiplicative and raised their percentage values. They were additive before due to a mistake, which caused too many magic and rare monsters to spawn when the mods were present.
  • Fixed a bug where typing '#' or other special chat mode symbols at the start of a whisper message did not correctly change to the desired messaging mode.
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Small, simple, but useful. Thank you.
Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.

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knew there had to be something wrong with the magic monsters mod. was too good to be true!
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That leaves only y and z to go!

Keep up the awesome work GGG.
Very cool.

Do you know if we'll see a skill reset with 9.13?
Invalesco wrote:
knew there had to be something wrong with the magic monsters mod. was too good to be true!

However the area/maze mod still remain too powerful imo, reducing the area/maze mod size increase and increasing the base size for maps might make a high IIQ worth pursuing for maps.
Hmm, Was expecting a bit more (life line for duelist? melee?) but i guess most of the work is on .13 now which is good too.

Can't complain about almost weekly patching schedule, really :)
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Just take all magic monsters away, and also no more area bonuses. Preferebly buff desync some more (or even add it as a map mod for some extra fun). And don't forget to reduce the possibility of high lvl map drops!
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Can you please fix the double pick up that was introduced with the resist penalty patch? It's bothersome. Good work though.

I mentioned the 3rd-4th day that it seemed when you got a blue mob roll that there was ALOT of them. But of course changing this will make us struggle for maps again so I hope you have some sort of map buff coming because I spent all night running 60s, boredom isn't the word.
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only 2 more letters to go!
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