Release Preview: Sceptre of God Music

We still can't talk about what's being announced on Friday, but we can post music from new areas! This track (composed by Kamil Orman Janowski) is the one you listen to when climbing the Sceptre of God before the grand finale boss fight. The track on the official Soundtrack CD is the one that plays when actually fighting the end boss.

I'm posting this from Los Angeles airport. We're heading to San Francisco this evening to continue our press tour. Today we visited Machinima and GameTrailers to hook them up with secret Release information. I believe the media embargo lifts as soon as it becomes Friday in the pacific timezone, so I'll try to fill the news with links to articles as they go up.

Also, on a hilarious and completely unrelated note, we randomly found this old act3 concept image in a directory of concept art when we were uploading the music today :P
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Two more sleeps :D
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Was expecting chris to troll us with this, but i guess he will save it for friday
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sounds good
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Is this track available as an mP3?
Ah, PoE forums. You're my own personal brand of heroin.

Paganblade wrote:
Is this track available as an mP3?

No, but there's always Audacity...
Ah, PoE forums. You're my own personal brand of heroin.

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