0.11.4b Patch Notes

Version 0.11.4b
  • Reave stacks no longer reset when interacting with game objects (for example, picking up items or opening doors).
  • Fixed a bug where some pillars in Piety’s room allowed projectiles (including Piety's Ice Arrows) to pass through them.
  • Removed item drops and experience from spiders spawned in The Weaver's Chamber.
  • Fixed a bug where experience did not display correctly with the /ladder command.
  • Fixed a bug where the screen could go black as torches lit in The Vaal Ruins.
  • Fixed a missing shadow on some skeletons.
  • Fixed a client crash related to auras.

IGN: Hochep

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bye bye PoE
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gg spider farms.
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looks good
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wait !! so now you dont get experience in the weavers chamber
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Awesome. Nice fixes. :)
Aw, I didn't even get to play around with spider farms in maps. :(
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Is this a small patch? I'm not done downloading the big one yet due to my super awesome 256kbps connection (32 kilobytes per second download speed - 30 hours straight and only 310mb to go!) Just wondering if I should be planning on another day's worth of downloading. :)
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