Pierre's Wolverine CI Claw Tank Guide [updated for 11.4]

Hey guys, personally i never thought i'd go CI as a marauder but after a lot of theory-crafting and taking some ideas and concepts from Dragon's infernal tank who i credit the most for helping me come up with build i created a very possible endgame build for an extremely tanky marauder.(also credits to krip's melee templar ci build)

95 points build:

110 endgame build:

I know you see points all over the passive skill tree, the minimum level requirement is 75, but id recommend a few more levels in order to get a decent amount of ES from passives.

for bandits get passive points/or endurance charge

Concepts for this build and major keystone explanations:

-Resolute technique because you need to hit and you'll be using a lot of life leech with this build
-Unwavering stance because you cant afford to be stunned
-Iron reflexes because Grace gives you a lot of Armour which you need to regenerate your ES Through Aegis aurora
-Chaos inoculation because being immune to chaos is OP and the es nodes behind the keystone are great
-Vaal pact as i said this build uses a lot of life leech so vaal pact is awesome
-Ghost reaver you have no life so that life leech better go somewhere
-12% combined life leech from 3 passive points using claws is Awesome with vaal pact/ghost reaver
-in order to properly cast everything you need 800+ mana pool and 4% mana leech from gear

-Main ability Double strike:
-4L: Double strike, melee splash, multistrike, melee physical
-5L: add melee physical on full life
-6L: add added fire , or faster attacks

-4l for auras: reduced mana, determination, grace , discipline

-4L Tempest shield: tempest shield, reduced mana , iron will, mana leech( iron will and mana leech dont increase the mana reserved.

-4L: Bloodrage, immortal call, increased duration, faster casting

-support spells: vulnerability, enduring cry, whirl-wing blades, enfeeble, warlord's mark

-Best in slot off hand:

The bread and butter of this build. You have high armour and you are CI get this and you will become extremely tanky.
-best in slot amulet:

because of the 50% of block chance is applied to spells
-Best in slot boots:

Rainbowstrides are awesome for this build, especially with the mana and spell block
-Best in slot Rings:

these are absolutely Crucial because they give you enough mana to cast your spells and reserve your auras and also they make immune to freeze, so basically nothing can stop you from hitting
2-Shavronne's , i dont have one now, but since you get your mana from mana leech, 4% es regen and 60+ int is awesome.
3-A ring with es some resists and mana leech

-Best in slot belts:
1-rustic sash with armour , es , resists
2-the magnate

3-worm molts

-Best in slot weapons: high phys dmg claw

-Best in slot chest: hybrid chest with a lot of es and resists
-best in slot helm: hybrid helm with resists and high es
-best in slot gloves:
1- gloves with mana leech, high es, resists and attack speed

for the leech
-Flasks: anything with dispel shocked and granites

Pros and cons:
-very tanky
-Ci marauder...
-a lot of life leech
-can do almost any map mod

-Very gear dependent especially uniques
-needs a 6L chest to get proper dps
-can get shock stacked

-with full 6L dps gems chest and magnate i can get 8k dps double strike without any dps auras and a 240 dps claw
-4.7k es and 12k armour
-77/82/77 resists but still not capped for ele weakness
-es regen of 188 es/s + no mana regen. 2% mana leech + flask is enough


Currently farming for currency (yes i'm poor and some of my gear suck)
I'm looking for a couple of people to do high level maps with, i'm a certified boss killer/tank, i can get conduit and give free endurance and frenzy charges with bloodrage and enduring cry.

Thanks for reading my guide
i hope it has been helpful
Thanks for the people who inspired this guide (mentioned above)
Please feel free to comment and say your thoughts
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any feedback or ideas comments would be much appreciated
Shouldn't really be shocked that others out there are going to do what I've been building for 2 months for, but not bad. I'd suggest auxium for belt to free up ring slot, but it's a very pricy item. Also I'm not on this whole "etup uses claw so I'm using claw" bandwagon. If you had a perfect claw it'd be one thing (also could make reave usable if it doesn't suck), but Soul Taker is superior I believe since you can reserve all of your mana if needed for group play, or leave just a slight amount for blood rage or a curse.


That will be my passive tree, but different since I have more points and I will take axe nodes next to duelist over claw nodes, as well as the reduced aura nodes most likely with this alpha's "fix".
Tbh i dont really know etup's build... Im a casual player and ive been working on this build since 11.2 i think but its been really slow progress ... The reason i picked claws is for the 12% life leech and to free up a slot in the 6l for extra dps... The people who helped me with this guide are already mentioned but this guide and my build are very far from being close to other superior guides. And i was also curious who was doing the same thing or similar

i'd also like to add that i'm only lvl 85, how would i use auxium? it works on power charges... and i dont crit because i have resolute technique
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pierrela wrote:

i'd also like to add that i'm only lvl 85, how would i use auxium? it works on power charges... and i dont crit because i have resolute technique

For double strike it might be a marginal choice over Dream frag because you really only get the ES and the chilled freeze bonus (this is huge, it basically makes chill and freeze duration act as if you had hp not es) so you wouldn't need dream drag. Since you'd be using mana though at least you'd gain from the 20% mana on dream frag. and then you could use either a chain belt with resists or rustic if you don't need the es and prefer the damage.

Ultimately i think you can gain more utility from a ring slot since resists, flat phys mana,es,atk spd,wed are all things that can roll there but we're talking perfect rings. Auxium is very expensive and a perfect ring would be very expensive, more so than just getting a good rustic with resists/es and a dream frag, but I'm already preparing for the probability that I'd use shavronne's ring when onslaught ends because 4% es regen is very big when my specific build won't require mana in group play at all.

Just some things to think about.
A templar or dualist start would save 3 passive points on the endgame goal.
yes another start would save a lot of points but i already had this character leveled and all the gear on him. I am a casual player, this is the only character i have and i pretty much like tanking so that's about it
Chiliconkarma wrote:
A templar or dualist start would save 3 passive points on the endgame goal.

How do you figure? If you were to take a path like I posted you'd gain benefit from the mara nodes. You may not get as much of somethings (say ES) as you could get with another start, but it's hardly wasted stats to have melee damage and block with a sword(or claw) and board build.
however at this point with 65% chance to block attacks and 53% to block spells, id rather just get more armor instead of block
rip? :( what happened?

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