3.22.1d Hotfix 2

3.22.1d Hotfix 2

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.22.1d that prevented players from reclaiming microtransactions equipped to their other characters.

This change applies to instances created after this hotfix was deployed.
Last bumped on Oct 8, 2023, 5:59:34 PM
Guilds Got erased soo good job
xXKoRyUhAXx wrote:
Guilds Got erased soo good job
nvm seems fixed
edit: NVM
Last edited by djfang on Oct 2, 2023, 9:14:15 PM
Well done. GGG high quality and responsive, as usual.
Izaro is occasionally bugging out in gift and offering runs with more than one person via having multiple health bars. There has also been a few times I have gone into a run by myself while someone else was simply in the party, and it counted as having 2 people in the run even though the other person never came in.

I'm also noticing while farming these solo that instead of phasing when he hits the health threshold for each respective fight, he is continuing to attack several times before finally phasing. It didn't do any of this previously before this last hotfix, please fix this.
cool now you can work on tota right? :)
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Crashing to desktop. Sometimes several times in ~4 hours playtime. This is all from 2 patches ago this league. I was ok until 2 patches ago. Very unpleasant. I've changed nothing in my rig.
Just got booted outta the game with the info of a "Patch Maintenance" but could go in instantly again and no one of my pals got booted ? what happened?
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