Winds of fate + Lightning Tendrils

Hello Everyone, help please?!

Straight to the point -
I'm trying to put together an Inquisitor with Fanaticism + Phantasm Lightnint Tendrils + The Winds of Destiny Staff
When I went to test the ability it doesn't work, in the descriptions it says -

The Lightning Tendrils spell is a channeling spell that unleashes waves of lightning damage in rapid succession in an arc in front of you, with every third wave always dealing a critical hit.

Wiki page of the Staff says:

"Maximum Critical Strike Chance is 50% Non-Critical Strikes deal no Damage"

Lightning Tendrils has also good synergy with this weapon with Battlemage, as you can guarantee a crit every 3 hits, and has an alternate quality for 112.5% more damage.

Well, I've just tried it and it doesn't work, what can I do? The char is naked, only with the staff -

Last bumped on Sep 21, 2023, 4:27:57 PM
Unallocate Resolute Technique.

No crits beats always crit.
Oohhhh You're completely right, I was testing on the char of the holy relic build and forgot about this node, thanks.

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