How to add Life + Cold Conversion to These Gloves?

I am looking to add +Life to these gloves before I add the Cold Conversion Bench Craft to these gloves.

Any suggestions on the best way of doing so, without losing any of the current mods?

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No. It is not possible to guarantee life w/o losing that prefix.
And cost is at least 2 Divines. Dont know if thats worth it in trade league. Best way probably:
1. Cannot change suffixes.
2. Aisling T4. This may kill phys damage 50% chance.
3. If 'cannot change suffixes' was killed then craft phys-converted-to-fire.
4. Unveil. You then have fair (>50%?) chance to get either phys-converted-to-cold or life mod.

Edit: Expected cost maybe 3 Divines plus T4 Aisling (guessing, didnt try to math it).

Edit: If you dont want the veiled phys-converted-to-cold then its a lot more costly.
No wonder it's lost, it's in the middle of the jungle!
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Thank you for the suggestions. :)

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