Righteous Fire starts broken

RF gem has impaired state, which burns player, but doesn't burn surrounding enemies and doesn't give spell damage to player. Typically it happens if you unsocket gem while it's turned on.

I'm playing CWDT Lifeloop FR PF. https://pobb.in/3xQLy3yOsjN8
RF Gem slotted in Body Armour, it's not inside weapon swap.
My build using RF on CWDT setup.

I have tweaked this build many times and had few differnt outcomes:
1. RF works
2. RF works after 1st weapon swap, goes into impaired after second.
3. RF impaired from very beginning as you see on video.

Can anybody explain to me why it happens? Can't find any info on that.

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iskMf_Y6ogc

Upd: I have +1 cold on 1 weapon swap dagger, maybe it's causing body armour to reapply somehow.
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there is no bug if you unsocket RF or intentionally put it in alt weapon set and think it would "work" as ultimate stat stick
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It's inside body armour

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