Need help to understand how tattoo works


I successfully found a new build to steal and now I try to improve it...
So here is a little innovation of mine and I completly don't know how it will work.

Please help me to figure this out.

Following image describes my problem.
Here is an Unnatural instinct jewel, that gives me bonuses from UNALLOCATED small passives.
Also here is two Tattos of the Rongokurai Makanga (TotRM), that provides me 8% chance to Defend with 200% of Armour but only under condition that NO MORE THAN ONE ADJACENT PASSIVE ALLOCATED

According to wiki Unnatural instinct works with tattoos.
But I am not completly shure if two TotRM that palaced back to back will work this way...

Technicly conditions are met becouse there is no adjacent passives allocated. But its PoE and I am not so shure how Unnatural instinct works. Maybe it is make affected passives count as allocated? Idk. And so I am here to figure out.

P.s. Also.. there is a small passive just above this jevel slot. I cover it with tattoo without any conditions, but if I will paint it in another TotRM instead - will I recive bonuses from this one? Or TotRM just looks if there is an allocated passive nearby despite a connection between them?
Last bumped on Sep 21, 2023, 10:46:14 AM
they wont count as allocated

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