[3.24] Lightning Dancing Dervish Champ, 11 Mil Dps, 100k Ehp

Hi, i'm Snolaz!

This build is cheap to start and get into red maps, but then you need to invest to get dmg, because thread of hope and the cluster jewel are big parts of the scaling of the build.

The build is decently tanky and with the right choices you can never die, but, expecially early, without amulet and chaos res, you can get 1 tapped sometimes, so no hc viable.

The flask changes are an overall buff for this build, plus the reintroduction of tatooes is a huge buff for a build like this that spends alot of points travelling. Fire, cold res and life regen tattoes are very usefull for this build.

The build i think has enough dmg and tankyness for ubers. And you will find testymony of peple doing ubers on a worse version of this build in this thread.


Smite is the skill of choice for levelling.
Very important, take ancestral call as the first link or you won't be able to clear.
If you want, you can drop the 2 heralds for Haste. I prefer to give you the best dps/clear setup possible instead.
Level with 2 handed weapons, so you have to do the vendor recipie only on one item. At level 50 buy Terminus Est for 1c. It will carry you until you decide to swap to Dancing Dervish.

POB FOR EARLYGAME level 85, with basic gear :


Ok, so lets talk about this setup, is it league start viable?
Dancing Dervish doesn't require to be linked, so you dont have to spend on a 6link, just 6 socket with the bench craft (get 2 sockets, color them blue, then 3 sockets to 2 sockets antil you get 1 blue, then 1 red, then 1 red, then 6 socket and hope for red. if you get green get faster attacks, you can also gamba and after the 4 sockets go for 6, and if you roll double green, go for culling strike and faster attacks) Later on you can buy another base and try to get the right colors when jewelers prices drop.

Dancing dervish, max attack speed roll: 2c
Ancient skull: 2c
Triad grip: 1c
Malachai's artefice: 1c
Malachai's artefice: 1c
Immortal flesh (min roll ele resist, max roll life and regen): 2c
Doryani's Prototype: 5c
Two toned boots with resistances: 10c (i suggest resistance essence spam, so you dont have to spend the c) Even if you get only 1 resistance as a suffix you are still able to cap your resistances. Don't hesitate to spend some c for the fire resistance tattoes if needed, you'll need them later anyway.
Avian twin talisman, 1 life roll, 1 res roll, the damage conversion doesn't really matter: 5-10c
random resistance jewels: 1c each

We are around 40c for the build to work, and it works even on 4 socket for dancing dervish.
4.5 mil dps.
Looks like a good starter to me!

POB FOR ENDGAME with good gear (level 90+):


Let's talk about some of the choices i've made and why i think they are best.

kikazaru debate. Is it worth it? (yes if you can fix res elsewhere)

Kikazaru is goated for builds that want regen. 285 on a ring? that's almost 5 t1 rolls for a ring! WTF. Reduced effect of curses frees up a suffix on a flask too, that's like another t1, but the most important thing is the corruption: cannot be ignited or cannot be poisoned they both work for this build. That's worth another 3 rolls on jewels. So basically kikazaru is 6 t1 rolls + 3 good rolls. Insane ring.
Depending on what corruption you get (poison or ignite immunity) you have to balance your build accordingly. (same goes for the eye of the greatwold damage conversion)

Malachai's Artifice is hard to beat, giving 60 effective resistances, and +8 more dmg + gem socket that we need for this setup.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you can't cap your resistances with other gear, use instead a simple two stoned ring with life fire, cold and chaos resistances !

Eyes of the grat Wolf works to counterbalance the drawback of lack of lightning res and has good synergy with purity of fire (that gives +8 max res, instead of 4, counting dmg taken as)

Immortal flesh debate: is it worth? First big pro: it gives access to huge regen, that is desperately needed for this build. Gives damage, and functions as at least 20% chance to evade, in my calculations, with just the sheer damage reduction that you get if you get hit by a lot of small hits at the same time. Big Life rolls + armour for endgame phys max hit, that is a weak point for the build.

Grace debate: Evasion is useless against uber bosses, so investing 50% mana reservation on a useless stat for engame looks silly. It's useful while mapping, sure, but then we can just use a jade flask. We reach 50% chance to dodge instead of the 75% granted by grace. We can then slot purity of ice, capping cold res to 90, giving huge boost to cold res, and freeing us from the 155 Grace dex requirement that we can now lower to 119 for the sword. This means we can drop split personality gaining an extra jewel socket, and drop the charisma annoint to get even more dmg since we reserve less mana %.

This means having 2 flasks setups: 1 for mapping and 1 for bossing. The flask uptime is still 100% for bosses and while mapping we can afk for 45 seconds before breaking the flask loop. They are otherwise always up while mapping too.

How to craft gloves and boots? For gloves pristine and aberrant on a fractured base can be on way, the other is the classic fracture, essence, metamod, chaos veil. Same thing for the boots...


All things considered i think this two pieces are easily craftable with Rog, so you will just find the bases on trade for around 1 div, or you can craft them yourself.
Also you can try tricks with the necropolis league to get good items...

Try to fix resistances with the large cluster jewel, it would be so good to have a res roll there, but imo it is too expensive, that's why i didn't pob it.


How do you trigger the dervishes? Why no writhing jar?

Just cyclone on top of enemies for a couple of seconds (you have precision to almost fix accuracy), in the meantime you will have already activated the offering, so no dps loss. If the minions despawn is always good, so you can reset the fresh meat insane buff.
Writhing jar also occupies a flask slot and lot more investment.

I die in high red maps, why?

Because you dont have the gear yet. Also, are you ailment immune with flasks/ gear? Spend some time in heist, get your gear first.

Is fresh meat up all the time?

Yes, depending on what content you choose. For expedition, harvest, essences alva and jun yes, since there is enought downtime for you to despawn them efficiently. For the same reason Delirium style maps are bad.

How is this build compared to top meta builds?

I think that for the investment required this build might even be in top tier, expecially for league start.
If you only compare effectiveness with no budget, i'd say it's in the solid mid tier: 8+Mil dps with no ramping, permanet uptime of buffs and permanent application of damage on a good enough tankyness for softcore.
This build is in the same tier as 12 Mil dps builds that lose time kiting, like most melee and caster builds based on attack and cast speed.

I think a fair comparison overall is cold dot occultist, the playstyle is very, very similar, and the build was considered by many top tier, expecially for league start.

have a couple of questions.
1) how are we sustaining flasks uptime on bosses?
2) how do we refresh fresh meat if our minions are immortal?
3) what content is build capable of with lvl85 pob?
4) rough estimate price for lvl94 pob?
5) transition from lvl85 to lvl94 pob can be done gradually or build will brick with resistances, so you need to buy updates in bulk?

1) flasks are permanently up with the cast when effect ends enchantment. This is achieved with 1 passive point on the tree and Traitor. This has been tested by me in the past and pob also gives 100% uptime if you look on the flask.

2) fresh meat is refreshed just by picking items off the ground and/or waiting for the rampage to end. It happens more often then one might think, expecially if you choose content that already has built in downtime like expedition or harvest. For average content it's not a problem to run on 5 link, but for bosses you need to manage well the despawns. (big bosses have phases so it's not too hard)

3) For all mapping content you need around 2.5 mil dps that is high quality (comparable to dot and no ramping), we have 4.5, so more then enough. For ubers you need around 5.5 mil, so it will be a little bit short.
The level 85 pob lacks in defences, so if you do high tier red maps with that setup you will die sometimes, not in all maps, but sometimes yes, it also depends on what content you try and how skillful you are in choosing mobs.
I suggest stayig in low reds/heist untill you get upgrades.
If you want you can find my step by step irl progression in the first comments on the thread. That was a slightly different and inferior setup tho...

4) For the exact pob maybe 9-13 divs overall if you want those implicits on boots and gloves, the price is heavily depending on when you want those upgrades, and on how much of the gear you are able to craft yourself with rog and necropolis or buy without spending in metamods. Same for the cluster, maybe you can just buy failed crafting attempts for relatively cheap, maybe you can just alt spam, imprint regal and sell the imprint for profit, the market is always hard to predict.

5) the upgrades can be done gradually. Since we have enough dmage already imo, i will upgrade defensively first, this means that you get thread of hope and cluster jewel last. Those are huge damage boosts, but they amount for -60% cold and fire res, also while occupying jewel slots that you used for resistances! Simply dont use them if you can't cap resistances. Expecially the thread of hope near the starting point can be skipped, and with no cluster, also the mom one (don't skip the flask node tho)...
Keep in mind that if you fit in purity of fire instead of vitality, with just malachai and ruby flask you are always capped on fire res, this works even in the level 94 pob (and in the 85 one). But be carefull dropping too much life regen, or the build becomes unplayably tedius with life flask spam.
You can also use tattoes to cap fire res, since we have an abundance of str nodes, but you will have to respec them later.

Do you have any suggestion to improve the build or just some questions? Leave a comment below so everyone can benefit from the answers. (no DMS plssss!!!)

Have fun :D


Hi, i'm Snolaz

I've been making build guides for a while now, and this is my starting build guide for the patch 3.22!




Dancing Dervish is an invulnerable minion, so investing in minion defences just to support it with other minions is not efficient. Therefore the build must not use AG or spectres.
The Dancing Dervish is a 2h sword, this means no shield for block and recovery, so we are forced into determination grace as a way to mitigate phys.
Pure armor + endurance charges was another option, but, since i decided to scale the damage with Doryani's Prototype, and every charge gives resistances, aka negative dps, that idea was soon discarded.
Champ is the only ascendancy that runs the grace determination core efficiently, with mana reservation for the banner and the fortify that we can't get from kingmaker, since we don't run AG.
Sion offers more damage, but it's really not a good defensive choice since we can get the pathfinder ascendancy on a jewel anyway, same for guardian, who lacks strong defensive tools to support the grace determination core.

Cyclone on enemies to trigger Rampage fast since cyclone has a good hit rate and we can't miss due to Resolute Tecnique.
Arcanist Brand and Smite only on bosses, otherwise just run around with onslaught + flame dash to "recall" your minions to you.

In the POB you'll find different trees. I'll explain the gear progression here:

Just take all the starting nodes to give you a confortable league start damage wise. Level with 2h swords so you have to do the belt recipe only on 1 weapon.

Link Smite with ancestral call first and you'll have a good experience. The flat damage from smite will carry you up to yellow maps with just a 1c Terminus Est.
Swap to dervishes at 59

I want to specify that to level with smite you need to mule with templar. But it's worth it because it allows to level with alot of gems that will be reused in the build, smite included.

The recommended gear proggression is as follows, with the prices being taken from the past league on poe ninja. Note that they may change unpredictably this patch.

0. The Dancing Dervish 1c + jewelers
1. Doryani 5c
2. Triad Grip 1c
3. Ancient Skull 2c
4. Melding of the flesh 10c
5. Darkness Enthroned for accuracy jewels 5c + 30c for jewels
6. Firesong 5c

Everything else not in this list is not mandatory. Always remember to focus on resistances, ignite and hp at first, then damage, expecially with the rings.

The 3 massive improvements for this build are the annoint, the cluster jewel, and reaching level 100 for passive points.

Since the build can be played even in no leech reflect maps and other usually disabling mods, you can make an argument to just reroll map mods that have extra lightning damage and go for Perquil's Toe as the best in slot offensively. If you wanna be defensive pick an Avian twin talisman, but i really reccomend the Eternal Struggle with 15% cull (cyclone) + filling in the needed dex and int, very best in slot imho, even if slightly clunky.
The cluster jewel is a massive dps buff, but to fill it confortably we need points.
I suggest you to try your best to grind/buy xp as an upgrade because it's worth it for this build.

At this point you raked up 25+ divs in the bank. What to do now?
Try out arakali's fang and the Squire for 15 mil dps and a defensive block boost! Or troll around with Law of the wilds... Up to you XD

You can confortably keep almost all the same gear and tree!


You can also go for arakali's fang + dawnbreaker early, if you got bored of the dervish playstyle and you don't have money yet for the Squire.The build will feel much better defensively but much worse at mapping.

I hope i inspired you somehow,
Let me know in the comments if you'll try the build as a starter or later on in the league!

Have fun and


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Neat idea. Maybe not my starter, but I do love seeing wacky builds pop up!
I just read the new Fresh Meat Support!


Yep, definitly a HUGE upgrade to increased critical strike chance for this build, we just gained free 2M dps.

The problem is for fights that last more then 10 seconds since dervishes are unkillable... it really needs testing.

NEW POB: https://pastebin.com/nbRg9pTK
Snolaz wrote:

The problem is for fights that last more then 10 seconds since dervishes are unkillable... it really needs testing.

Hi, can you elaborate on this sentence and explain it to somebody who has never run Dancing Dervish before? I tried to read up on the item but I don't see the problem that the Dervishes aren't dying...

Also, in your PoB tree there is no Fresh Meat support gem yet. Will it be replacing "Increased Critical Strikes"?

I plan on testing out PoE with a Controller for the first time - and thought it could be cool to try out your build as it seems pretty off-meta and doesn't need too many complex interactions as far as I understand.
Bizze79 wrote:
Snolaz wrote:

The problem is for fights that last more then 10 seconds since dervishes are unkillable... it really needs testing.

Hi, can you elaborate on this sentence and explain it to somebody who has never run Dancing Dervish before? I tried to read up on the item but I don't see the problem that the Dervishes aren't dying...

Also, in your PoB tree there is no Fresh Meat support gem yet. Will it be replacing "Increased Critical Strikes"?

I plan on testing out PoE with a Controller for the first time - and thought it could be cool to try out your build as it seems pretty off-meta and doesn't need too many complex interactions as far as I understand.

So dervishes trigger rampage on hit vs bosses. As long as you have rampage the Dervishes are alive (since weapons are disabled they don't die even if you weapon swap). In long fights, or mapping, depending if you stop for items or league mechanins, you also will always have rampage. The buff last only for 10s, so if your Dervishes last for more than that they will lose all the damage from the skill gem.
Conclusion: for long, extended fights critical strikes is better, but for short fights or for bosses with phases, fresh meat is better.

In the pob the fresh meat support gem is counted manually, since i added the mods to the custom modifiers.

Also i want to specify that to level with smite you need to mule with templar. But it's worth it because it allows to level with alot of gems that will be reused in the build, smite included.
Just a quick update

Smite hold levelling untill level 59. I found a 5 socket dancing dervish for 1c and i insta bought it. Also the triad grip was already 4 blue socket for 1c. Everything else dropped.

I'm currently in white maps doing okish damage. The clearspeed in good tho, i just need more damge, but the build is super scuffed. I'm looking to balance resistances asap so i can switch to doryani prototype. I'm not focusing on giga progression on the atlas (the gear can't handle it) but on betrayal so i can get all the unveils.

Enjoying the build so far i have to say. I can't wait to get more damage.

Geaar in t1/t2 maps:

Gear in t5 maps after doryani swap:

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How's the build feeling post Doryani's ingame?

Surviving well? Damage feel good?
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Im surviving well and i don't even run grace yet, just determination and defiance banner, i dont even use flasks like granite.
Determination + fortify is enough for the playstyle that's basically like a ranged dot, very similar to cold dot.
But im in low yellow maps, ofc in reds grace will be neccessary. My next upgrade is determination increased mana efficiancy, so i can fit in grace. it's 10c.

The damage past doryani is ok (not giga damage but not bad either) (map bosses die in like 1/2 seconds) but count the fact that im effectively running on 4 link because added cold and faster attacks are suboptimal.

Also, convocation is basically useless since minions hear whispers, i'm thinking about dropping it. Also i'm not that sold on conc effect.

Instead of convocation maybe it's better to improve the summon raging spirit setup (with unleash) or maybe get generosity for the auras, i'm thinking fitting SRS in the gloves so i can have generosity + smite + wrath.
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I'm taking it quite slow in this league so far. Just got my Dancing Dervish (4L).

Why do you still run Smite?
Smite is gigadamage since the aura affects minions.

Ok, so many have asked the same questions in dms, i'm doing a faq here.

1. In dyingin red maps, why?
For red maps make sure you have firesong and 100% reduced ignite duration (ring+ tree), you run grace determination, use a bleed life flask, arakali shakari pantheaon.

2. What is my atlas tree and what do i suggest.
I suggest mechanincs that are contained and single target focused, like essences, sanctum, trial of anc, expedition, einhar, betrayal, boss farming, strongboxes, metamorph.

My atlas looks like this:

When i'll kill katarina i'll respec out of betrayal and go for the new maven node.

If you want something different the beast + essence strat is also super good.

3. Tatooes? The flat mana regen and the chaos res ones are the most inviting.

You might want to link generosity with smite and wrath for 10% more dmg.
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