Dump your moronic payment processor.

Well, I was going to give you people money for the first time in three years. Unfortunately for you, your chosen payment processor has decided to make that impossible. I've never once used their services, and my last points purchase was July 2020, but apparently I have "unusual purchase history, and my account has to be suspended, thank you for understanding."

What I understand is that Steam apparently values my money more than GGG, because they never make it impossible to give it to them.

Oh well, maybe in three years I'll feel like trying again.
Last bumped on Jun 13, 2023, 4:58:22 PM
Hey there, I'm sorry to hear that! Could you please email us at support@grindinggear.com so we can look into this matter for you?
No, I will not. This thread should never have been moved into this section because I've no interest in help or support for this. The chance to get my money is long gone for the foreseeable future.

I don't have a lot of disposable cash to waste on games, so I considered for many days what to purchase. The instant your payment processor made it difficult, I took my money elsewhere.

Next time I get the urge to spend money, it's unlikely this is going to be where I spend it. And in the off chance it is, if there's another issue, then I will once again vote with my dollar, and spend my money elsewhere.

Shame too. I kinda liked this league's cosmetics, but since I'm not getting them, don't see a reason to continue playing this league.

Good riddance, and please move this thread back into suggestions where it belongs.
Email support, or use Steam.
I don't know why I have forum access, even.

PM's through this site, or emails, will not be answered.
Hey dracos_pire, I'm sorry to hear about this, I've passed your feedback on to the team.
the payment processor is fine, it can get flagged as an unuaual purchase through your bank sure, that isn't unusualy when your purchases are all through one country and being an international transaction it will get flagged.

You also have browser add-ons interfering with the transactions (for me firefox and noscript) where it actually blocks the hand shake process with the payment processor and my bank, it is also likely that at a certain price point (over £100) it would require a code from my bank and guess what, noscript blocks that from coming up as well.

But hey...good thing you don't actually need to buy anything here (the level of butthurt is way to high)
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It's likely the minimal rather than a normal or a maximal that triggered it.

But it's likely AI in some form too.

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