The Beast's Return (Redeemer's Hideout)

                     Our wayward Exile of Wraeclast missed most dear                      
                 that which powered the gems -- that which breathed life                  
                                  into their very being.                                  

                    They did what Sin could not: bring back the Beast.                    
                     Fashioning a sacrifice out of their latest kill,                     
                       Veritania, the Redeemer, was reborn anew...                        

                           Her tower is now alive in many ways,                           
                  and its gaping maw serves as a gateway to new worlds.                   

For those that look closely, you will find that you too are being inspected.

Hideout Showcase:



It does make use of several MTX items, the main one being the Demonic Map Device. All others are merely accessories to decoration, and are not required to make the hideout look good.

MTX used in file:
Delirious Hideout Decoration 1
Demonic Curios 1
Demonic Horn 22
Demonic Map Device 1
Enchanter's Crafting Bench Hideout Decoration 1
Hoarder's Guild Stash 1
Hoarder's Stash 1
Ice Gale 1
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