Travel Skills at Max Distance for Mouse/Keyboard (like controller)

One of the nicest things about playing on controller is the "alt behavior" which just makes travel skills (except for Frostblink, because of a bug) travel at max distance in whichever direction you are pointing.

This is great for moving around maps, etc. but on Mouse/Keyboard, Shield Charge only moves to where your mouse is located. So if you click right in front of your character, you only move to that spot (or even stand in place).

This is a minor nerf to travel because there are some spaces on the screen you can't actually click (if the skill is on your mouse) such as the corners of your screen.

I would love a "alt behavior" like on controller, so that if your mouse is one inch in front of your character in any direction, you will just Shield Charge at max distance in that direction.
Last bumped on May 7, 2023, 12:20:19 AM

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