Directional Sound from Skillshots (Gems) is Pain for Stereo Headset User

Hi there anyone,

the Directional Sound from the Game Skillshots made by the playable characters are painful when wearing a headset and using the Skill multiple times aiming in the same direction.

it just sounds like that, the skill gem sound only works on one ear while wearing headphones, it doesn't help hearing enemy sound effects when the character attack is stereo and louder than the approaching enemy or their effects, in my opinion.

sorry but as a suggestion:
pls make character skills "mono", whereever the character is aiming, the sound is central and heard from both ears at the same volume,

because the "player", is looking down and center from top on the Character, making it, soundwise central, wherever they shoot skills.

or at least please a setting to make the "Character sound" Mono, and the around stuff "Stereo".

Last bumped on Jan 26, 2023, 10:22:48 AM
those directional sounds made by the player are not a pain to hear when using speakers or disabling the sound effects in the settings menu.

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