[3.13] Bleed Bow Build - suggestions needed for improval

Hey guys & gals,

im using this oldschool Diablo2 alike bowamazon build - works pretty decent so far.



When i check DPS in PoB i get around 30k single-target dmg & 40k map clearing dmg. The mapclear dmg seems to be perfectly fine for playing singleplayer but im unsure about the singletarget dmg. Asking globalchat, aynthing below millions of dps seems to be underwhelming - which seems to be a realy far stretch.

Im aware that my gear is mostly considered budget (i think roughly 5 div so far) but i have no clue where to improve hugely on the stuff ( except maxing my gems & their quality).

I'm also wondering if my defensive stats need to be improved and by how far, atm i'm sitting at 4.7k life, 75 ele res, 4 chaos res.

My aim is to get all voidstones with this character - i'm missing maven & eldar ( and really struggled with the first two bosses)

Thank you in advance!
Last bumped on Jan 24, 2023, 4:08:47 PM

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