Balance gems and absolutely random Mayhem endless delve

Balance gems and absolutely random Mayhem endless delve

Hy GGG and player base of Path of Exile
at first i want solving my respect for every winner of one or more gifts and position in the Mayhem races.

to my person i dont want offendet, i know my char isnt optimal. but i reached a deep that not many reached with a pathfinder where im very proudly about this.

But i want talk about some feelings i have. I know that races are sometimes a gamble and the are not 100% balaced. It´s ok so far but i feel a bit bothered. No one push me to play but i doing it. its very sad that in the Endles delve race the gem detonated dead is ``the only one`` i was looking trough the players who reached 600 nearly 99,5% are DD.

Then the archnemesis situation, its ok it will be gone hopefully. and i understand that game CANT fully changed for a race but its holarious you can run 20times a 400deep node. and its crazy how random it is. sometimes i even quit and started the run multiple times wenn i had Tokuhama or multiple other God archnemessis mods at the same time at a node. in a Harbinger as example can 1 Archnemesis making it nearly impossible to solving it.

i dont want cry i rescpet it, the dificulty of a race, the gamble and risk and effort.
But i want point on it that Detonated dead gem was and IS so OP in endless delve. and the archnemesis situation is even in Kalandra season poop. GGG want that people explore and try new builds, this is why often very hyped and strong builds are ``fixed`´ like mana Guard

MAYBE you overthink this issues . and for the next endless delve race or other races to put in or out some more balance.

Thank you for reading, GGG and maybe other player want writing down the own inspiration.

a little side not right now 19:42 at the 20.Nov
Player with deep 580-600 52 Player
19 Player without Detonated Dead
33 Player that use Detonated Dead
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