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Map with shrines

The Elderslayers | High Quantity with Height of Hubris

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Uber Maven

All Uber Bosses Compilation

Core Concept


This build uses the Golden Rule jewel and the Venopuncutre ring to apply bleeding to itself. Thanks to the Endless Hunger slayer ascendancy, it is unaffected by bleeding. Furthermore, the ring applies chill which allows to make use of the self-chill mechanic.

Self-bleed also allows to use The Red Trail boots for frenzy charge generation.

The Rotgut flask is also central to the build. It is the only flask in the build that has flask charges on crit and we can have almost permanent uptime on it. Also, because this build is able to generate frenzy charges so fast, it can spam Rotgut and have permanent Onslaught as a result.


Chill effect can be reversed using the Winterweave ring. That enables us to get a lot of attack and movement speed.

The chill effect applied by Venopuncture is only 10% by default. This build therefore needs total of 200% increased effect of non-damaging ailments. This is achieved using an anoint, one medium cluster jewel, one influenced implicit, one elemental mastery and jewels.

Brutal charges

This build makes use of the maven belt Arn's Anguish that conversts endurance charges into brutal charges. Charges are then generated using the Enduring Composure cluster jewel notable. All this together turns the slayer ascendancy point Masterful Form into an effective 48% more damage multiplier (assuming 8 charges).

Alternate ailments

The Leadership's Price amulet allows all damage to apply alternative ailments, that is scorch, brittle and sap. Thanks to the build's huge non-damaging ailments effect, it can get full effect on these ailments even on the endgame bosses. This lets us to cap our crit chance, solves penetration and gives a decent chunk of survivibility thanks to the sap effect bosses deal 20% less damage.
In order for this amulet to work, your two highest attributes have to be equal (that means strength and dexterity for this build). That can be quite difficult to achieve and it it described in the gear section how to deal with it.

Pros and Cons


Fast af, thanks to self-chill, frenzy charges, onslaught and normal movement speed, this build can move quite fast which is fun!

It is fairly strong for the amount invested and cheaper than meta builds as it uses unpopular items.

It can do most of the content in the game. Normal bosses are easy. Uber bosses are harder, but they are still possible to defeat with this build.


The clear on this build is not amazing, just ok. Spectral helix can sometimes leave strugglers behind so you mostly won't full-clear a map.

It is quite tanky, but not immortal.

Not a league start build. It needs several uniques that are either random drops or come from bosses that can be super expensive at the beginning of the league. It is better to at least get all the unique items first before even starting playing this build.

SSF Viability

Most of the gear can be either target farmed or crafted. I played it on SSF myself, but there are several uniques that cannot be target farmed and the build does not work without them. They are fortunatly quite common though, so you might try using Gwennen or ancient orbs if you still haven't dropped them.

They include The Golden Rule jewel and both of the rings Winterweave and Venopuncture.

Hardcore Viability


Cheap Uniques

This build is based mostly around several cheap uniques. The downside is that it can get difficult to manage resistances and attributes on the rest of your gear. The most expensive one will be the Leadership's Price amulet with a good roll on the maximum resistances. You ideally want to have at least no negative ones. You can look for one using this link:
or you can farm it yourself in heist in the Twins unique contract:

The boot enchant for elemental resistances penetration is extremely strong. You can farm it yourself using Gift to the Goddess.

Belt enchants can be farmed using the Dedication to the Godess. There are two good belt enchants: accuracy during onslaught and minus resistances on withered enemies. We can apply wither using Withering Step and it is the better enchant for dps if you can achieve to have enough accuracy on the rest of your gear to have 100% hit chance.

If you are on trade league, you can also look for a good double corrupted Arn's Anguish belt. The Venompuncture ring can also have useful corrupted implicits and it should not be too expensive as no one uses it.

In order to anoint your Leadership's Price amulet, you will need a tainted oil. It can be farmed in blighted maps but they have to be corrupted, otherwise it will not drop. I use the Breath of Rime anoint which is not the best one for dps but it lets me to easily achieve 200% increased effect of chill so I went with that and invested points that would otherwise be wasted on non-damaging ailments effect elsewhere for more dps.

Gloves and Weapon

These two rare pieces will probably be the most expensive ones.

The claw should simply be triple T1 added damage for prefixes and crit chance with attack speed on the suffixes. Ideally, you would also want to have global crit multi there. The prefixes can be crafted with recombinators and suffixes can be either multimoded or you can Aisling slam it for crit and craft attack speed.

The most important mod on the gloves is the maximum frenzy charges mod. Before you can afford them, you can simply use the Sirus gloves with corrupted frenzy charge:
or any other rare gloves with either explicit or implicit frenzy charge:

The gloves with intimidate on hit and frenzy charge can be crafted using the Awakener's Orb from Sirus. After using the orb, you are garanteed to have the two influenced mods. You have to hope for open prefix, craft prefixes cannot be change and reforge life for about 50% chance of hitting a good tier life prefix. You then craft prefixes cannot be changed again and reforge attack until you get either attack speed or accuracy. After that you can risk Aisling slam to remove any unwanted suffix (but craft prefixes cannot be changed before that!) and last suffix can be crafted on bench.

Accuracy on the gloves is not necessarily needed depending on the rest of your gear. You can also sucrifice some passive points and spec into accuracy on the tree.

Body armor, helmet, shield

The rest of the rare gear will be used to cap resistences, get enough attributes, cap spell suppresion and we also need mana reservesion efficiency on the shield.

You should have around 30% spell suppresion on your body armor and on your shield. The rest for 100% spell suppresion will come from the passive skill tree.

The shield should also have mana reservation efficiency or you will need to drop skitterbots aura. It can be synthesized implicit as is mine or it can be shaper influenced mod. Shaper mod can go up to 30% which is better than my 20% and it would allow you to run higher level Precision which would mean that you need less accuracy than me.

Helmet should have a decent accuracy roll. No spell suppression needed here.

Other than that, these three pieces should cap your resistances and have as much life as possible. You can also have some attributes here to manage to have equal strength and dexterity for the Leadership's Price amulet.


Rotgut flask is a must, it is super strong for the build.

All the rest of your flasks should have either 6 or 7 charges when hit.

One of them should have reduced shock effect. Together with the minor pantheon, we get up to 100% reduced shock effect.

One should have immunity to poison and one immunity to ignite.


The Golden Rule is mandatory for the build.

We are immune to bleeding while leeching thanks to our ascendancy, but you will want to get corrupted blood immunity as a corrupted implicit on any of the jewels that this build uses.

Intuitive leap is just a nice damage boost, but it is not needed.

Abyss jewels (other than Ghastly abyss jewel) can roll increased effect of cold ailments which can be used to achieve the 200% increased effect of non-damaging ailments. You can also get the corrupted blood immunity here:

Your strength has to be equal to your dexterity, otherwise the Leadership's Price will not work. This can be quite difficult to get on this build. If your attributes are close enough, you can simply get a few jewels with strength on them. I also recommend to have at least one crafted attribute mod on your gear. It makes it much easier to balance when you change things around.

If your attributes are very far apart, you can use the Inertia unique jewel to convert some dexterity into strength. It can also have corrupted blood immunity as an implicit:
Try to socket is in all the used gem sockets and see where your attributes are the closest. You can then finish the rest with stregth on jewls or your gear.

Cluster Jewels

The large cluster jewel is the least important one. It is just a damage boost, but it is not needed. Best notables are Feed the Fury, Marial Prowess and Calamitous.

The medium cluster jewel has to have Astonishing Affliction and Deep Chill. This contributes to the 200% increased chill effect.

Probably the most important cluster jewel is the small one with Enduring Composure. This is the most reliable way how to generate endurance charges (which we convert to brutal charges), even during boss fights.

If you want to have really reliable or almost pemanent brutal charges, you can also get the charge mastery that increases all charge duration by 100% and roll on your body armour the influnced modifier that gives endurance charges every x seconds. Tier of this modifier does not matter as our brutal charges can last up to 20 seconds and their duration refreshes when you get a new one. Meaning that every brutal charge that you get is never falling off, unless you die.


Go fast...

To be continued...
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