[3.17] CoC Forbidden Rite Occultist - a low budget perspective

Creating this thread because some people from Reddit asked for PoB and gearing.

This is the way I adapted CoC FR inspired on the ladder in poe.ninja coming from a limited budget.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/ptszSeQU

Gear at the end of league

Original post below (with some extra info):

I made it to 40/40, lvl100, feared, all endgame content and simu30 (bad dps, about 6-7 mill) on a 40ex budget last league, but the build started rolling at about 10ex investment and it was decent for mapping juicy t16 or bossing guardians. The only catch is that is really passive points hungry, so you need to lvl to 95+ at the bare minimum in my opinion, and being 98+ making a really noticeable difference. Every point past 95 is pure dps as you pick dmg nodes and at 100 end up adding an extra medium cluster.

Low end budget in arch nemesis (prices may vary now) was the following:
-Helmet: 40c. inward eye with fr+1 enchant, no +1 power charge corruption
-Chest: 20c. skin of the lords with glancing blows (5 good colors and you use a not BIS 6th gem)
-Gloves: free. eldritch rare ES, resis, stats, with hinder on spell hit and max cold res (+1 leaves you at 89% all res). some uses doedre gloves with corrupted curse on hit, but you lose 1% max res and the large cluster with hinder is much more costly (your rings become more flexible)
-Boots: 2ex. tailwind, elusive, crafted ons+ms or chill+ms
-Weapon: 3ex. gemini claw with crit chance, att speed and crafted vagan cannot miss
-Off-hand: 1ex. aegis with +1 gems for purity of ice
-Ring 1: 50c. despair on hit, resis, dex, crafted minus mana
-Ring 2: 10c. resis, dex, ES if possible, crafted minus mana
-Amulet: 1ex. ashes of the stars with champion of the cause. I bought a decent roll (28%+19%) for 80c and anointed myself
-Belt: 1ex. Torrent reclamation (be sure to check you reach 52% rcd, but is a low roll)

-Gems: 1.5 ex for the 6L you need corrupted inc awa coc (depending on what was cheap 20/20 or 21/0 or 20/23) with no alternate qualities, purity of ice 21/0, corrupted enlighten 3, and rest was free

-Jewels: 1ex-3ex. one large cluster with what you can get, two medium crit with ms node and one crit chance node, one small with enduring composure, one small with pure guile, replica conq eff, melding of the flesh, templar timeless with aura eff and resis if you need, watchers with ES on hit which price varies a lot from a few c to 1 or 2ex. most of the jewels are cheap or free except for watchers which makes most of the budget if you want a fancy extra effect (I went for armour determination)

-Flasks: free. self crafted charge on hit and use at full charges. no dying sun as it was not on all the time but is a big dps spike. i used diamond, granite, basalt, ons and quicksilver

Tree: https://pastebin.com/ptszSeQU

-no thread of hope but pick divine shield and the armour wheel beside it manually. this plus stat wheel with str on the top side makes you only need to worry with dex on equipment which relieves a lot of cost specially on the rings. pure guile helps a ton for dex and makes rings much cheaper.
-get immunity to corrupted blood, hinder and maim on your jewels if possible
-immunity to ailments comes from: ignite - enduring composure small cluster, shock - tempest shield, freeze - pantheon, chill - boots or flask
-inmunity to curses comes from flask + pantheon
-some reduced crit taken from tree and whatever else you can take from corrupted implicits
-pick all three power charges on tree
-pick CI
-need spell block wheel for now unless you invest like 10ex on alt quality tempest shield

Most important upgrades:
-Helmet: +1 charge corrupted and enchant with decent inc ES was about 12ex
-Chest: good socket colors was about 8ex
-Belt: torrent reclamation with good implicit or a good belt with cdr (or cdr boots but you loose tailwind or elusive) was about 3-6ex
-Clusters: good clusters cost about 1ex each but mainly to round up your resis or stats, and make the other slots more flexible. once you get enough aura effect, you can change your crit clusters for proj clusters and at lvl100 add a third one (all depends on the base crit of your gemini claw but 9% or close to it is ideal)
-Jewels: mainly good implicits for qol. some are very costly so go for the cheaper ones like melding or replica conq Gems: alternate qualities are a big deal. cyclone for ms, tempest shield for spell block and frost shield for more dmg taken by shield are the big ones for qol and survivability. the big one for bossing dmg is withering step for extra wither. the fancy ones leap slam, determination and banner
-Gloves: never got to it, but you can get +2% cold res implicit to max out all res, but I burned like 15ex trying to get the implicit to tier5 and tilted.

Never got to it, but if you get a mageblood or want to use a mana flask, then you can replace gemini claw for a synth tune dagger with double dmg and +1 chaos gems.
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