[3.18] Absolution Build | Necromancer | Sentinel | Path of Exile 3.18

Hey guys, here is my league starter build absolution necromancer. The initial plan was start with absolution switch to summon holy relic when I have enough currency but I liked absolution and didn't wanna switch to relic. I might play that build later. I haven't tried uber bosses with this character yet.

Build Cost
- Low Budget: 0-20 ex

Spectres: Using 4 Spectres (Need 25 level spectre gem)
- Carnage Chieftain (The Old Fields, Act 2)
- Host Chieftain (The Riverways, Act 6)
- Primal Rhex Matriarch (Harvest)
- Arena Master (Warlord influeced maps)
If you need any of these spectres contact me via discord or in game.

Animate Guardian Setup:
- Kingmaker (2H Axe)
- Leer Cast (Helmet)
- A body armour with life/es/chaos res and "Gain 10% of Maximum Life as Maximum Energy Shield" mod
- Chaos res/Movement speed boots
- Southbound (Gloves)

Endurance Charges: Enduring Composure (Cluster Notable)

Leveling: Leveling gems and trees are in the video.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/v2zNUuiS

Build Video: https://youtu.be/NoZ7Hn8NTf4

Bandits: Kill All


Gem Setup:

Absolution - Minion Damage - Physical to Lightning - Increased Critical Damage - Lightning Penetration (Awakened) - Spell Echo (Summon Phantasm for clear)

Animate Guardian - Raise Spectre - Meat Shield - Minion Life

Summon Carrion Golem - Feeding Frenzy / Tempest Shield / Vaal Molten Shell

Determination / Defiance Banner / Convocation / Flame Dash

Trigger wand:
Desecrate (Lvl 1) / Bone Offering / Assassin's Mark

Zealotry - Wrath - Generosity
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Hi! I’m considering using this build and I have a question.
With RAISE SPECTRE you can get to 3 spectre (1- liv. 1-12; 2- liv. 13- 24; 3 - liv 25 - 40). How can I get the fourth spectre?
Thank you in advance.

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