[3.18] League starter Idea: 10,000 HP Per Second Viper Strike Slayer (All map mod/content viable)

Hello everyone, every league I try to theory craft builds that are all map mod and content viable. They are not always the fastest or most efficient, but I try to make builds that can function as work horses to do anything you want during the league on low budgets. This build only has two required pieces of gear (The bloodseeker Hellion's Paw and Bino's Kitchen Knife Slaughter Knife) and they both only cost a few chaos each, even at the beggining of a league. Every other unique in my PoB is not needed and can be replaced with good rares.

Path of building

Main Build features
-90% phys damage reduction with over 60 000 armour
-Ele ailment immune
-Bleed immune while leeching
-Stun immune while leeching
-Curse Immune
-100% spell suppression
-7000 hp per second instant life leech to facetank
-3200 hp per second overleech that lasts for 10 seconds after hitting anything to combat all DOTS
-5.5k hp
-10% reduced damage taken while leeching
-13 mil dmg (no fancy pob shinanigans here as it can go up well over 17 mil under ideal circumstances)
-82% max ele res
-All map mod viable with no gem swaps
-Poison proliferation for better clear
-Extra strikes can target 30% further away for better clear
-No cluster jewels
-0-20% dodge from elusive

Main Premise of this build
This build is a dagger and claw (Wierd I know) wielding slayer which uses viper strike to produce big DPS while instant leeching and overleeching to stay permanently healthy.

This build gains most of its offensive and defensive powers from two unique items: The bloodseeker Hellion's Paw and Bino's Kitchen Knife Slaughter Knife. The former item makes all hits with the item instant leech and the latter allows us to overleech as a Slayer and proliferate our poisons for clear. Since viper strike hits with both weapons at the same time we get both benefits at once. This allows our character to heal absolutely insane amounts of hp per second instant leeching around 7000 hp per second and overleeching 3000 hp per second for 10 seconds even on one target. To achieve this leech we focus on getting lots of leech nodes on the tree and using proper support gems as poison skills have very low base damage.

Since these two uniques are low pdps weapons we use viper strike which has some of the highest innate melee gem scaling in the game to reach respectable damage numbers (13 mil DOT dmg or so) Something to keep in mind is that viper strike's damage is a ramping ability so it can take close to 10 seconds to ramp to this level of damage!

For clear we buff our extrastrike distance by 30% from the tree. In addition we grab two extra strikes from gloves (or +1 strike annointed on an amy/ancestral call in the early game) so we can turn this strike skill into a respectable semi-ranged option against bosses and packs. Binos poison prolif will fill in the gaps between your striked targets melting them down.

For flasks we mainly focus on defence and sustainability by getting "Gain # charges when you are hit by an enemy" prefixes and defensive suffixes, along with the instilling orb's "use when flask is full" on all our utility flasks.

How does this build do no leech?
This build uses life gain on hit as well 2% max life recovered when killing an enemy. The hidden secret is also a flagellant's eternal life flask which will get a use every time you are hit twice by enemies. Due to passives on the tree this flask will heal approximately 5400 health over 1.7 seconds. During no leech maps you would simply spam this flask throughout the map. (You can do this all the time if you want to but I dont know if it is necessary) You can also swap out this flask entirely if you wanted to just roll over no leech maps!

There are some great poison nodes close by on the tree as well as spots for cluster jewels which would make the build much stronger, however I wanted a nice mix of tankiness, damage and cheapness. Please leave me a comment on suggestions!

Last bumped on May 14, 2022, 10:36:22 AM
I am very intrigued! I might have to test this out a bit in standard and see how it plays.
Looks very nice.

Any of the other unique's in the POB you think is better to focus on getting, other than the weapons?
The only source of frenzy charges is blood rage so that wont be up during some bosses

Don't get me wrong the build looks interesting for sure, but this might give a wrong perception of the actual dps (not to mention lv 6 awakened gems), especially if you're calling it a 'starter' idea.

Ofcourse there is still room for improvement through clusters though
Last edited by dainastii on May 11, 2022, 5:37:38 AM
I did change some thingsin the POB and the dmg falls off with a few million dps.

about the frenzy generation, maybe use a mark instead of something else and use the new keystone mark mastery?
The idea is cool but the dps is a little misleading to say the least, full PoB warrior level. The dps in the build assumes that you have been attacking at your full attack speed for the full duration of your poisons - also known as 10.8 seconds. Each poison deals 38.5k dps and the total dps is based on having 255 of these stacked.

In an ideal scenario where you can attack for 5 seconds without stopping, you will be dealing an average of only 3m dps over those 5 seconds, not including time to cast your Divine Aura and so on.

As I said I like the build idea but the dps suggested is just a little bit fake.
yeah, I'd love to see a more realistic version. This does sound quite interesting but lvl100, frenzy charges without a source on bosses, T6 awakened gems and 10 sec full dpsing is a bit much. Scrap all this and you're probably looking at 1M dps which is definitely on the lower end

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