[3.17 PoB] Slayer | Flicker Strike (Legacy Gear)

Guide In-progress

Notes on this guide:

This is intended for experienced players.
There is no leveling guide: it's intended for players who are skilled at leveling their characters.
It's optimal in Standard league since it makes use of (but doesn't require) legacy gear.




Maintaining Charges

Maintaining charges during mapping is easy. Along with the Red Nightmare in the tree, we stay at full charges (frenzy, power and endurance) during mapping without fail (except on maps where monsters steal charges, of course). Bosses, on the other hand, can sometimes be troublesome. In the case of extended boss fights, you can either step back for a few seconds or pop your Vaal Breach for easy charge maintenance.

Killing Bosses
Using Behead Support can help kill a boss's very quickly. With this in place of Melee Splash (along with our ascendancy), a boss effectively has only 15% health remaining when the health bar is at half.

using Potions
Besides the life flask, you don't need to manually use any potions. They're all setup to auto-proc. Please see the Gear and Gems section for potions and their enchantments.

Gear and Gems


Since flicking counts as being stationary, we can take advantage of those stationary bonuses from the Soul of Lunaris and the Soul of Tukohama.

Stay Tuned...more info coming soon!
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