[3.17] Deadeye Ranger Post-Epilogue (why squishy?)

Hello, I started PoE in 2013 and had taken a long break from 2013 to 2020.

Now that I have reached level 80 Deadeye Ranger and have completed:
1) Epilogue main quest
2) Cruel labyrinth

I'm struggling with end game maps and higher labyrinth...it seems my build is too squishy for the maps bosses.

My stats are below:
1) 1807 Life
2) 52 Energy Shield
3) 982 Mana
4) 126 Strength (all-in total including from equipments)
5) 317 Dexterity (all-in total including from equipments)
6) 66 Intelligence (all-in total including from equipments)
7) 4255.8 Damage per Second (without auras) up to 4658.9 (with auras)
8) 16221 Armour (without auras) up to 34161 (with auras)
9) 76% Physical Damage Reduction (without auras) up to 87% (with auras)
10) 75% (107%) Fire Resistance
11) 76% (89&) Cold Resistance
12) 75% (87%) Lightning Resistance
13) -9% (-9%) Chaos Resistance

Current attack skills:
1) Split Arrow with 9765.7 dps (without auras) up to 10689.9 (with auras) mainly used for mobs. This also has:
+ 716-1241 cold damage
+ 7 to 157 lightning damage
+ 9& increased attack speed
+ 518 to 774 chaos damage
+ 99 to 191 fire damage
+ fires 11 arrows
+ arrows pierce 1 target
+ 3.8% of damage leeched as life
+ 15% chance to freeze enemies
+ 40% chance to poison on hit
+ 1458 to 3080 physical damage

2) Caustic Arrow with 4424.8 dps (without auras) up to 4843.5 (with auras) mainly used for rare/special mobs and bosses. This also has:
+ modifiers to projectile damage apply to this skill's damage over time effect
+ 6 to radius
+ deals 14660 chaos damage per second
+ 174 to 362 cold damage
+ 4 to 99 lightning damage
+ duration is 2.20 seconds
+ 725 to 1678 chaos damage
+ 30% chance to maim on hit
+ enemies maimed by this skill take 10% increased physical damage
+ 63 to 121 fire damage
+ fires 3 arrows
+ arrows pierce 1 target
+ 68% increased projectile speed
+ 18% more physical damage
+ 483 to 1119 physical damage

Current active auras (using passive nodes on increased mana reservation efficiency of skills):
1) Grace
2) Pride
3) Precision
4) Vitality
5) Defiance Banner

I'm using:
1) Iron Reflexes to boost armour with evasion
2) Bow Mastery related to increase and reduction to projectile speed also apply to damage with bows

Here are my gears:

Here is my passive skill tree:

As an example on how squishy my ranger...I can't get through the boss in Palace Map or that Argus in Merciless Labyrinth, and also very difficult in Alva's temple event, Jun's syndicate event, and map encounters that look like hand (forgot the name).

Am I missing something on my build? reviews and suggestions are welcome
Last bumped on Apr 22, 2022, 10:54:02 PM
Every single rare armor piece you are wearing needs a life roll, the higher the better. And of course those armor pieces also need enough resists to keep you capped.

Entering maps you should aim for 3,000 life or more. Get all the % inc life you can reasonably get on the tree - a good total to shoot for is ~200% increased.

As for how to get those rare armor pieces, your easiest bet would be to search on trade. If you are allergic, then identify each and every rare item that drops (vendor the bad ones) until you have nice gear in all slots.
Last edited by Ozferatu on Apr 14, 2022, 10:37:58 PM
Thanks for the suggestions.
My tree and armor were focused on to obtain evasion/armour, elemental res, life leech, inc damage. I should start working on life...

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