[3.17] 35 mil Sirus DPS: Shockwave Totem ailment immun [possible] freezing and deleting everything

first of all thats my first guide i write and english is not my native language so i hope you can understand me.

Second this build is not to budget (50-70 ex) friendly and there is another guide for a budget version.

I startet this build as a meme and didnt thought i could push the dps of this skill so far.

All my gear is self crafted and i try to describe as accurate as possible how i crafted them.

I came to some currency in the league and thought about shockwave totem and that i dont want to use skin of the lords as my 6 linked. This armour is the best on for a budget version. So i crafted a Helmet that would do the same things as Skin of the Lord but better.

That is my POB right now : https://pastebin.com/hAPfJHD0

Here is a Showcase of all conquerer /sirus/ eater of world and a map: https://youtu.be/83DPhCDXkSM sorry for the bad quality but you can see the most important parts.

Now we coming to my gear and how i crafted it.

The most important item for this build is the Helmet


First you have to get a Shaper base with the right lab enchant.
You can buy the one you want without influence and then use the cheapest elderslayer exalt to get an influence. afterwards you harvest craft with randomise influence.

When you got your shaper base you spam Essence of Horror until you hit Hypothermia and an open suffix. you can beast craft and remove suffix ad preffix if the suffix is full.
If you have these 2 suffix you craft suffix can not be changed and reforge crit with harvest for granted crit chance.
Then your suffix are done and you do suffix can not be changed and veil chaos orb for +2 aoe gems. If all prefix are full you have to harvest craft reforge prefix keep suffix. Thats the "most" expensive part of the build. The Helm cost me to craft 25 ex.


This shield is pretty easy to craft. I got lucky with the mana reservation but every good suffix ist good enough. We getting a shaper shield and alt spamming until we hit +1 phys gem. Then we can imprint or we just augment and regal it. we have to fill all suffixes with multimod prefix cannot be changed and block the last suffix. then we harvest craft with reforge influenced mods are more common. the only prefix shaper influenced mod is +1 totem.


You dont need this armour you can also go for a rare one with spell crit and additional curse or other desiered mods.
I went for replice shroud of the lightless so i could fit more jewel and more damage in the build. If you have time and the money you can craft on all jewels cannot be forezen/iginite/shocked for ailment imunity.


I bought the base with +2 gems for 5 ex and blocked with multi mod preffix cannot be changed and 1 prefix all prefixes and used reforge caster for spell crit or cast speed. afterwards just multimod it.


Bought the base with +2 gems for 10 ex and blocked with multi mod preffix cannot be changed and 1 prefix all prefixes and used reforge caster for for cast speed. cast speed is the only mod that can hit there.


This is the only item i didnt craft myself. Bought these boots for 3 ex. look out for high res life and movementspeed.


because you need a lot of dex in this build i spammed Deafening Essence of Sorrow until i hit some acceptable mods. if all suffix are filled you can reedemer slam the belt for increased cold damage or increased damage against chilled enemys. you have avery likely chance to hit these.


I bought the gloves with the desired suffixes and then used eldritch chaos orbs until i hit life and an open prefix. You have to get the exposure to cold on gloves as an implict


Astral Protector is mandetory for this build but the other ring you can swap out for a rare ring with cast speed maximum life and min frenzy charges.

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there is another guide for a budget version.

Please share the budget version, I would love to play this in 3.18.

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