3.17 Deadeye, need help with Lightning Arrow / Barrage build

Hello everyone.

I've played for quiet some time, and now i need help with getting tankier for bossing and getting to farm t15+. Right now i die a lot when going into t15+ or against harder bosses. Unless i know the encounter in and out. Maybe not the best ascendancy choice, but whatever :) i like shooting bows.

Here is my build right now.


I can farm t14 juiced maps, have most of my atlas completed. Only voidstone i got so far is eater of worlds. Working towards searing exarch at the momement and plan to get the maven after.

But i've got some currency to spend right now (around 6ex), and was wondering how to get (way more) tanky and maybe up the dps a bit too. But not getting oneshotted regularly would help a lot with progressing the level further. Guess the random oneshot can't be helped.

Most up to date LA / Barrage guides aren't that helpful, or i took what was good and implemented it.
Last bumped on Mar 7, 2022, 11:35:11 AM

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