0.10.5b Patch Notes

Version 0.10.5b
  • Summoned Skeletons should no longer lag when they appear for the first time.
  • Fixed a visual problem related to shields on Witches.
  • Fixed a bug (introduced in 0.10.5) where side mouse buttons bound in external voice chat programs would not work any more.
  • Cosmetic effects can not be applied to items in cut-throat leagues. This prevents issues that would occur if you died with a full microtransaction stash and had effects on items (with nowhere to automatically reclaim them to).

We're aware of the issue with right clicking on people in chat (that was introduced yesterday). We're expecting a fix to it will be ready tomorrow.
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Also, I've been waiting for the skele lag fix forever.
#1 wootdsadsadf
good job :)
Praise Bisco the Doge <3

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pneuma wrote:

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PM me if i win!

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I like apples.
min maxing Vortex Occultist two leagues in a row. What next?
less skeleton lag? love it!
Messing up builds, one at a time.
first page!
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Nice - fixed the skeleton lag
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holy shitbiscuts!

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