[3.16] Machine Gun Deadeye Barrage Impale stacking (3-10 million dps)

I will be adding to post over the next week. Will include some videos of mapping and bossing. This was my first build after a two or so year break. I absolutely love the play style, but I think I have been gone too long to really make it as good as it could be. I'd like to see what more knowledgeable people could do with it. I'd like more DPS and a bit more health. I was tempted to play with fire and ice wall for another layer of defense. I also want to try a poison stacking version of it maybe next league.

Hopefully someone can take this build to the next level because I really enjoy the play style. It is as close to a sub machine gun as you can get with a bow =)

The idea is to stack impales via chain and attack speed. The clear is good. The single target isn't too bad either. The way volley makes barrage spread is great for mapping and the way chain bounces off surfaces and from so far away makes it great for dungeon and outdoor environments. I really like the mechanics.

Areas I feel in need of improvement:

1. Cost
2. Health or Defense
3. DPS
4. Flask choices and mods
5. Evasion Rating

Mod Weakness:

1. Phys Reflect
2. Crit maps
3. No leech maps

Everything else is gravy. Corrupted blood is handled by jewel mod. Blind is on everything due to high rate of fire. Curses are mitigated as best as possible on ring mod.

POB link:


I have not tested this on new bosses. I have cleared all T16 bosses on all sorts of mods. I have done a lot of awakened map bosses...T16 core etc. all done. I map T16 yellows all day or do level 83 heists. I do not know yet how to get to many of the new bosses. I have done a lot of the maven bosses. I do not know how to get to her yet though. I also forgot how to Elder and Shaper. I call this build in its current state a semi-success. Lots of further testing needed by more skilled players.
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