[3.16] Poisonous Concoction Build | Pathfinder | Gauntlet | Path of Exile 3.16

Hey guys, here is my gauntlet build. I just finished the acts and wanted to share with you. Build is still in progress I will make an update video if I don't die. My goal is reaching level 90 and kill some end game bosses.

Surviving Tips:
- Stay 3-4 level above the area level.
- Use portals on boss fight to reset flasks.
- Cap your resists.
- Use multiple life flasks while leveling.

Leveling: Start with Caustic Arrow and use it until level 12. After that swap to Poisonous Concoction. Leveling gems and tress are in the video.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/RQFtrmEM

Build Video: https://youtu.be/7aceDIY8kkQ

Bandits: Kill All


Gem Setup:

Poisonous Concoction - Unbound Ailments - Greater Volley - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Vicious Projectiles (5L) - Void Manipulation (6L)

Grace / Precision / Determination / Summon Ice Golem

Ancestral Protector - Withering Touch / Despair / Defiance Banner

Molten Shell / Flame Dash

Plague Bearer - Increased Area of Effect - Withering Step
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