[3.16] Doryani's Prototype Baranite Preacher's

Hey everyone, this is just a simple forum post to keep history on a build that I have absolutely fallen in love with as of this league and honestly indeed to work more with going forward. The build in question is a Doryani's Prototype Necromancer utilizing the Baranite Preacher's Spectre as its main damage source. I want to say first off that this idea is in no way original and I initially was led to it by finding this YouTube channel showing off some Conqueror and Guardian kills with this general build (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpWpHtkhsm4UkIWOs1dQn2Q/featured) so kudos to them from me and thanks as well.

This post isn't really meant to be a guide as of yet but I might decide to write it more and more as such as times goes on if I get more and more into the build but for now its more noting what it is somewhere that isn't my notepads and PoBs.

What is it/General Info:
This is a summoner build that utilizes the unique chest piece Doryani's Prototype in order to make enemies around you take a massive amount of Lightning Damage

This chest piece makes it so that enemies around you have your Lightning Resistance so we basically want to int the hell out of our Lightning Resistance so that enemies around us take a lot of that damage (don't worry, it also makes it so our Armour applies to Lightning Damage taken)

Originally I was utilizing this as a Necromancer with Carrion Golems (and all-time favorite skill of mine) with Lightning Conversion for Minions from Triad Grips until I found out about Baranite Preachers and needed to try them out just seeing how they worked. I am normally not one who enjoys using Spectres like at all so this was and interesting area for me and I wasn't expecting to love these boys as much as I do. These guys fire a quite slow moving Ball Lightning that has a base ~30% Crit Chance and when they cast a lot of them with Slower Projectiles it can absolutely melt, especially if the enemy has -200% Lightning Resistance :)

Current Gear:

I am new to this so idk how to link clusters but I have an 11 Passive Minion Damage Large with Call to the Slaughter, Feasting Fiends, and Renewal. Then I have 2 4 Passive Minion Max Life Mediums with Renewal and Feasting Fiends. I also have a Fortress Covenant, Unending Hunger, and a Very Large Thread of Hope in the tree (see PoB)

Explanation of Gear:


This is a pretty obvious pick here, the auras we need for damage scaling are 2 50% auras and the reservation helps a ton, plus we get a nice defensive layer in Eldritch Battery when paired with Mind over Matter




I think in this league we are in currently you can get away with a bunch of different options here due to Krangling on -Lightning Resistance (more on this later) but in general Immortal Flesh is the best option to me especially with the Armor and Max Life bonuses it provides.


Rare with Life, Stats, and some Resists. This slot and boots is heavily dependent on the rest of the gear you are running tbh, ideally I would want to fit in either Vixen's Entrapment or Breathstealers here instead if possible.


Same situation as gloves except for the possibility for maybe getting a pair with +1 level to Raise Spectre Gems as a mod for some more damage. No real unique option I would want here.


Rares with Resists mainly to help the non-Lightning Resistances, one being an Unset Ring for Convocation. In a situation when Krangling Items for -Lightning Resistance doesn't exist I would run two Malachai's Artifice here instead.


Rare with some Life, Resists, and Stats and with Death Attunement allocated for that extra Spectre. In an ideal world I would have a Haste Aul's Uprising or an Ul-Netol's Vow here if I was made of more money :)


+2 Convoking Wand with Cast Speed and ideally Minion Damage as well, also tTrigger on it. I use Desecrate and Flesh Offering for my triggered spells in here and also currently Cold Snap (Vortex and Ice Nova might work too) so that I can create chilling ground for my Animate Guardian's Algor Mortis to buff my Spectres damage more. +1 with Cast Speed and Trigger on it will do perfectly fine at first.

Shield/Off Hand:

This one is really preference between a ton of options, I have settled on Magna Eclipsis for what it offers but you could go other shields or even a second wand for more damage which I want to try out.

Current Working PoB:


Has an Item Set for Animate Guardian Gear as well

PoB DPS for Ball Lightning is a bit weird, on average though these Spectres should be doing something equal to a calculation of {PoB Average Hit x 10 (with Slower Proj) x Cast Speed x # of Spectres} the 10 here being representative of ticks of Ball Lightning damaging the enemy

Ideal Gem Links:

Main Damage Link:
Raise Spectre - Increased Critical Damage - (Awk)Added Lightning Damage - (Awk)Spell Echo - (Awk)Minion Damage - (Awk)Greater Multiple Projectiles(clear)/Slower Projectiles(bossing)

Auras (in Helmet):
Wrath - Zealotry - Generosity
Determination (not needed in Helmet but not a bad idea either, leave unlinked from rest)

Animate Guardian (Weapon 2/Off Hand):
Animate Guardian - Minion Life - Meat Shield

Trigger (in Main Wand):
Desecrate - Flesh Offering - Cold Snap

Utility Links:
Molten Shell - Cast When Damage Taken - Increased Duration

Summon Stone Golem - Feeding Frenzy

Other Gems:
Flame Dash


Portal (Preference)


Mindless Aggression -> Unnatural Strength -> Mistress of Sacrifice -> Commander of Darkness


I created this build in Scourge League in which you could corrupt items in a certain fashion that could give them the ability to roll an implicit of -Lightning Resistance which makes reaching the cap of -200% quite easy compared to without. Certain items and tree pathing would change without this mechanic in ways I am not fully sure yet so I am just enjoying it as is for now :)

Again I want to re-iterate that I am in no way stating this build is original, I simply decided to make this forum post mostly for myself but also partially for it to get a bit more visibility as there wasn't much I found written about for the idea. If there is I would love to see more on what others have done with these bois and anyone would like to talk on my iteration I would love to as well :)

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Hi, this build is really interesting and I really want to try it out. But before investing in this build, I would like to know what it is capable of in high level content such as Uber Elder, Sirus, Maven, Cortex etc ...
How well was this build working during scourge? With the melding of the flesh jewel preview it had me thinking of using Doryani's with Slave Drivers.

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